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PRINCE2® is a project management methodology designed to develop your skills in certain key areas of management. Datrix Training will work with you to help enhance your skills in addition to teaching you new ones. The company has high expectations that will fulfil your career aspirations and train you in the areas that need improving. Here at Datrix Training, we provide courses in a wide range of locations nationwide such as PRINCE2® in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Reading, Bristol and many more. To learn more about the PRINCE2® \training course, have a look below to find out everything involved with the course and the benefits it offers. Please be aware that we are offering the PRINCE2® 2017 version. 

PRINCE2® Training is a unique methodology that has been used by managers on a global scale. The PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certification demonstrates high-level management, organisation

The popular PRINCE2 Training Foundation course is a project-based method for managers which was created by the UK government. Originating from the CCTA (the Central Computer and Telecommunication...

PRINCE2® (or Projects IN Controlled Environments) is an adaptive based approach for effective project management. The Practitioner training techniques detail the growth of high-level management

Projects in Controlled Environments, also known as PRINCE2 training, is an adaptive based approach for effective management. This course would be perfect for anyone working or looking to get into...

Prince2 Agile® is a combination of agile flexibility as well as well-defined Prince2 framework. The Prince2 Agile® Foundation course provides complete knowledge about Prince2 and Agile® method...

This PRINCE2 Agile® training course combines the Agile project management techniques with the PRINCE2 methodologies.This certification works as an add-on module for those who have passed PRINCE2

In PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation And Practitioner Training, the delegates will get familiar with core and advanced components of PRINCE2 Agile®. Prince2 Agile® Foundation Certification act as a pr...

Topic Overview

Prince2 training

The following is information regarding the updated PRINCE2® 2017 course. PRINCE2® 2017 is the most updated and revised version of PRINCE2®, since 2009. 

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner

This PRINCE2® combines both the PRINCE2®  foundation certificate and practitioner courses, which allows you to become a fully qualified project manager in PRINCE2®. This course has no formal prerequisites and all you need is to have an interest in becoming a project manager. There are two PRINCE2®  exams during the course; one for the foundation course and one for the practitioner course. The completion of the course is over 5 days with the PRINCE2®  foundation project management course taking place over the first 3 days and the practitioner exam of the qualification over the last 2 days. Please be aware that you have to pass both foundation and practitioner examinations to achieve a PRINCE2®  Certification.


PRINCE2® Foundation

This course will give any business individual an interest in project management and will provide you with an introduction to the methodologies of PRINCE2®  project management®. Throughout the training, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of the techniques and gain the knowledge to apply them to a project. The course takes place over 3 days if you take the classroom option. There are no formal requirements to attend this course. In the PRINCE2®  exam, all you are required to do is answer 60 multiple choice questions.


PRINCE2® Practitioner

This practitioner course will allow you to build on your knowledge of the fundamentals of the PRINCE2® techniques. The course takes place over 2 days and on the final day; you will be required to take an exam to test what you have learnt during the course. Please be aware that you have to pass the PRINCE2® foundation exam before taking the PRINCE2® Practitioner course.

PRINCE2® Practitioner Re-Registration

The following is applicable to the PRINCE2® 2009 version.The practitioner re-registration course is for those who need to renew their certificate. The certificate lasts for 5 years. The new PRINCE2®  2017 certification lasts for three years. There will be no re-registration exam for those with PRINCE2® 2017 certification. Re-sitting the Practitioner exam at the end of the three year period will allow trainers to remain certified. If you are a PRINCE2® 2009 certification holder, then you may sit the PRINCE2® Practitioner Re-Registration exam to re-gain certification following a 5 year period. 

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PRINCE2®2017 Update

This year, AXELOS have announced and implemented a new and updated version of PRINCE2® courses. PRINCE2® 2017 is the first major revision of PRINCE2® since 2009. Main changes include a new edition of PRINCE2®  guidance and updates of both the foundation and practioner examinations. There are quite a few changes which can affect delegates who already hold the certificate. The duration of holding the qualification has reduced from 5 to 3 years and the examination questions have also changed. There are fewer questions in the Foundation and practitioner exams however the difficulty level of questions has increased. The pass marks for the examinations has also increased. If you would like to know any more information about the PRINCE2® 2017 update, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you through the changes.


What is a PRINCE2® Training Course? 

PRINCE2® dates back to the 1970’s where it was originally called PROMPT II. Simpact Systems Ltd. This methodology was split into seven different stages. Later, in the 1980's, the framework was updated and renamed PRINCE®. The UK government heavily updated it. One of the main areas of improvement was the course structure. In 1996, it was again updated and renamed PRINCE2®.  They reviewed the original framework and decided to remove various components. A further version of the framework was released in 2009, which was more user-friendly than it's predecessor was. In 2017, the latest version of PRINCE2® was anounced. This update focuses on altering examinations to suit more of an agile methodology. The techniques to adapt to different environments are increasingly becoming more important, and this is why the method has been changed. In addition, the exams, pass marks and the duration of holding the certificate has changed.        

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How Can I Learn PRINCE2® Training? 

We provide a wide range of methods in order to suit a range of needs including classroom, online and onsite. Our most popular method is classroom training. This is because the course is delivered through a range of state of the art locations on a global scale. Another reason why classroom-based courses are such a popular option is because our expert instructors are highly experienced in teaching and implementing their respected frameworks, thus giving you the confidence and skills needed to pass the course.

PRINCE2® Online training allows people like busy business individuals who don’t have time to attend a course full time, to take the course from the comfort of their own home. The PRINCE2® course content is delivered through an online portal, which you are given access to once you have purchased the course. You will be given 90 days access from the purchase date, which gives you plenty of time to complete the course. It has been proven that online training has a better retention rate compared to other methods, due to its increased level of interaction, which promotes better memory.

Onsite training is highly suited to organisations as the course takes place in the working environment. This option is focused specifically on larger groups in offices or venues. This course is still delivered through our highly experienced instructors and they will allow you to ask any questions you might have along the way. The trainer will travel to your venue and deliver the course as if it was a classroom but instead at your business location.


What are the Benefits of Taking a PRINCE2® Qualification? 

There are a variety of reasons why your organisation should take a PRINCE2® course. One of them is that the methodology hasn’t been tailored toward any specific type of business so it can be used by any organisation in any environment. The course has also gained such popularity that it is fast becoming an industry standard. This means that some job roles require having a PRINCE2® certified qualification therefore making it easier to find a new job that can increase your salary and position. The main reasons those who take the course give the following reasons;

  • Pursuing business validations
  • Outlining a directorial structure for Project Managers
  • Planning a product-based pathway
  • Identifying the implications of breaking a project down into adaptable stages
  • Applying suitable stages to enforce flexibility to a project



Achieve a PRINCE2® Qualification in a Location Near You

A reason to take a training course with Datrix is that you can take a course anywhere in the UK. A lot of training providers only deliver courses in London which can be frustrating if you live in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Datrix delivers courses in many venues nationwide so that you can take a PRINCE2®  training course in a state of the art venue near you. This reduces travel time and cost, therefore allowing you to feel more comfortable by travelling shorter distances. Some of our most popular PRINCE2® venues include: 

PRINCE2® London - Learn this fantastic project management course in our stunning venue in London. The state of the art building looks over the city skyline that creates a very special atmosphere. The capital has been home to many inspirational leaders from Winston Churchill to Queen Elizabeth II. Are you ready to join them and become a successful project manager?

PRINCE2® Manchester - Our venue in Manchester is very popular with our clients who are based in the north of England. The modern building is equipped with the latest technology which will help you enhance your skills and become more motivated during the training process.

PRINCE2® Birmingham - Situated in the heart of Birmingham, this venue is very useful for those living in the Midlands. The training centre has been designed for classroom purposes, which are perfect for those who like to focus on learning the fundamentals of the PRINCE2® qualification.

PRINCE2® Leeds - Situated in the North of England is our modern venue in Leeds. This venue is ideal for those living around the area and interested in attending courses without travelling long distances. 

PRINCE2® Cardiff - Datrix also offers high-quality PRINCE2® training courses in the capital of Wales. Our Cardiff venue is located near the docks offering stunning views of the harbour.

PRINCE2® Bristol - Our historic venue in Bristol is perfect for those looking to learn PRINCE2® in the South and South West of England. The stunning training centre is situated by the River Avon which gives spectacular views across the city. 

PRINCE2® Edinburgh - Located in the heart of the Scottish capital is our historic training venue in Edinburgh. The cultural city is full of incredible sites to keep you motivated to learn PRINCE2® . 

PRINCE2® Glasgow - Our Glasgow training centre is located at the Caledonian University where many inspirational leaders graduated. Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is just one of the many names who has graduated there. Are you ready to become the next successful leader of projects?


How can I find out more information about the PRINCE2® Certification? 

Please contact us on to find out any more information about the vast variety of PRINCE2® courses. We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can. If you are interested in enrolling in a PRINCE2® course but are still unsure about anything regarding the training, do not hesitate to contact us and we will guide you through the process as well as answer any of your questions and queries. Our purpose is to make sure our customers know what their purchase involves and the benefits provided. Visit our website or give us a call today to find out anything else that you need and we will be happy to help. Please contact us on to find out any more information about the vast variety of PRINCE2® Courses. We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can. If you are interested in enrolling in a PRINCE2® course but are still unsure about anything regarding the training, do not hesitate to contact us and we will guide you through the process as well as answer any of your questions and queries.


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Customer Reviews



PRINCE2® Onsite Training


Katherine Tallant- PRINCE2 Reviews

“We used Datrix to arrange on-site training for 16 staff in the PRINCE2® certification. The pre-course arrangements went smoothly and they were very helpful when we had a lot of change of delegates. The trainer, Mark, was very knowledgeable and made the course enjoyable for all concerned. Everyone passed both the Foundation and Practitioner exams”

Kate H - Datrix testimonials - PRINCE2

“I was sent on the PRINCE2® foundation and practitioner course through work. Tony showed so much enthusiasm for the subject and had such a breadth of knowledge, it somehow transferred to me. I can’t thank him enough for getting me through the assessments and making, what can be a dry subject such an enjoyable week. I look forward to booking another course soon.”


PRINCE2® Classroom Training


Gill M – PRINCE2 testimonials from Datrix Training

“I attended a five-day PRINCE2® training course with Datrix. From my initial enquiry to the delivery of my results, the service from Datrix was excellent. All my pre-course questions were answered promptly and the whole course ran smoothly. Our trainer, Tony, was wonderful! He made the course material interesting and stimulating, and helped to understand by continuously using real-life examples based on the group's experience.”


Delana – PRINCE2 Reviews from Datrix Training

“The trainer was very expert and knew the material inside out, He was responsive and engaging and went out of his way to help as the Prince2® certification is a tough and intensive course. I was so pleased to pass and overall it was a really good stimulating experience. I would recommend Datrix and intend to use them again for further professional development.”


Femi – 4 star review for PRINCE2 Training

“The exam was conducted in a very professional manner. The trainer/facilitator was great, answering everyone's questions with the utmost professionalism, calm and composition. He was great!”


Richard Stack - 5 star prince2 testimonial - Datrix training

“I took this PRINCE2® Practitioner course to consolidate existing project management experience. It was fantastic and met my needs better than I could have expected. The trainer made the experience a joy through his relaxed manner and the thorough knowledge he has for the subject.”


Stephen Harris – Fantastic PRINCE2 reviews from Datrix Training

“Fully enjoyed this 5-day Prince2® course, and felt that it represented good value for money. The course trainer was very organised, able to elaborate on personal experiences to clarify or illustrate the particular section we were engaged on, and always willing to take a bit more time to refresh or correct where course students made mistakes or were confused. about a subject.”


Charlotte 4 Star Datrix Training review for PRINCE2

“Very professional course, well-structured and easy to follow. The tutor was great at preparing us for the examination and ensuring that we were sufficiently prepared to assist us in passing! The tutor was thorough, patient and made the learning fun. I would definitely recommend this Prince2® course! Happy with my results.”


Richard 5 star prince2 course review from Datrix Training

“Very impressed with Nigel - he knew Prince2® inside out and kept us focussed on the work at hand and with his training I've managed to pass both exams. Would recommend.”


PRINCE2® Online Training


Andy - 4 star prince2 testimonial from Datrix Training

“Easy set-up. Training modules even worked on my smartphone allowing easy access anytime anywhere”


Stephen - PRINCE2 Course reviews from Datrix Training

“I found the E-Learning package invaluable for my training needs and this way of learning really suited me.

Being able to access this Prince2® course at home provided me with the flexibility to learn at my own pace and I was able to balance my main priorities without any impact on my training needs.”

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PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Northampton from £2495
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Virtual from £1495
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Leeds from £2495
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner London from £2495
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Crewe from £3995
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Manchester from £2495
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Sheffield from £2495
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Preston from £2495
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Chorley from £3995
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Newcastle from £2495

PRINCE2® Course Structure


PRINCE2® Course Structure

There are two different ways you can access a PRINCE2® training course. At Datrix Training we understand that everyone learns differently. At Datrix, we have been proving classroom and online courses for many years, therefore we know that our two courses can be suited to different individuals and groups.

Our role is t...


Datrix Training: PRINCE2® Video Gallery


We have selected a range of videos that will give you an insight into each PRINCE2® course. Datrix Training offers a number of PRINCE2® training courses and we have created these videos to give you an introduction to how PRINCE2® Project Management training works.

Whether yo...