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PRINCE2® Training Courses

PRINCE2 is a project management methodology designed to develop your skills in certain key areas of management. Datrix Training will work with you to help you enhance your skills as well as teaching you new ones. The company has high expectations that will fulfil your career aspirations and will train you in the areas that need improving. Here at Datrix Training, we provide training in a wide range of locations nationwide such as PRINCE2 in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Reading, Bristol and much more.


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PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner

This PRINCE2® combines both the Foundation and practitioner courses, which allows you to become a fully qualified project manager in PRINCE2®. This course has no formal prerequisites and all you need is to have an interest in becoming a project management.

There are two PRINCE2 exams during the training course, one for the foundation course and one for the practitioner course. The foundation course takes place over the first three days and during the last 2 days, you will take the final practitioner exam of the qualification.

Please be aware that you have to pass both foundation and practitioner examinations to be fully PRINCE2 Certified.


PRINCE2® Foundation

This course will give any business individual an interest in project management and will show you an introduction to the methodologies of PRINCE2®. Throughout the training, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of the techniques and have the knowledge to apply them to a project. The course takes place over three days if you take the classroom option. There are no formal requirements to attend this course. The exam you are required to take is multiple choice and consists of 75 questions. If you would like to take a PRINCE2 Foundation course, please send us an enquiry to info@datrixtraining.com.


PRINCE2® Practitioner

This practitioner course will allow you to build on your knowledge of the fundamentals of the PRINCE2® techniques. The course takes place over 2 days and on the final day; you will be required to take an exam to test what you have learnt during the course. Please be aware that you have to pass the foundation exam before taking the PRINCE2 Practitioner course. If you are interested in taking the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification, please send us an enquiry ti info@datrixtraining.com.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Re-Registration

The practitioner re-registration course is for those who need to renew their certificate. Currently, the certificate lasts for 5 years however, AXELOS will be updating the course during the middle of 2017 which means that you can only hold the certificate for 3 years. If you are thinking about renewing your PRINCE2 qualification, we recommend that you do this soon so that you can hold the certificate for a longer time.


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PRINCE2 2017 Update

During the beginning of this year, AXELOS have announced that they will be updating the PRINCE2 courses. There are quite a few changes which can affect delegates who already hold the certificate. The duration of holding the qualification will reduce from 5 to 3 years and the exam questions are also going to change. There will be fewer questions in the Foundation and practitioner exams but, the level of the questions will be more difficult.

We recommend that you take the PRINCE2 course before this update happens because you will be able to hold the certificate for a longer time and you will be able to gain more knowledge and skills from the trainers as they already have a lot of experience with the current version of the PRINCE2 techniques.

If you would like to know any more information about the PRINCE2 2017 update, there is a PDF document that you can download here which has been created by AXELOS.


What is PRINCE2®? 

PRINCE2® dates back to the 1970’s where it was originally called PROMPT II. Simpact Systems Ltd. This methodology was split into seven different stages. Later, in the 1980's, the framework was updated and renamed PRINCE®. The UK government heavily updated it. One of the main areas of improvement was the course structure. In 1996, it was again updated and renamed PRINCE2®.  They reviewed the original framework and decided some components were removed. The latest version of the framework was released in 2009, which was more user-friendly than its predecessor was. In 2017, there will be an update for PRINCE2 where the exams will change to suit more of an agile methodology. The techniques to adapt to different environments are increasingly becoming more important and this is why the method has been changed. The exams will also change and the duration of holding the certificate.      

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How can I learn PRINCE2? 

We show a wide range of methods to suit a range of needs which includes classroom, online and onsite.

Our most popular method is classroom training. This is because the course is delivered through a range of state of the art locations on a global scale. Another reason why classroom training is such a popular option is because our expert instructors are highly experienced in teaching and implementing their respected frameworks, so this gives you the confidence and skills needed to pass the course.

PRINCE2® Online training allows people like busy business individuals who don’t have time to attend a course full time, to take the course from the comfort of their own home. The course content is delivered through an online portal, which you are given access once you have purchased the course. You will be given 90 days access once you log in, which gives you plenty of time to complete the course. It has been proven that online training has a better retention rate compared to other training methods. This is because it is more interactive, which promotes better memory.

Onsite training is highly suited to organisations as the course takes place in the working environment. This option is focused specifically on larger groups in offices or venues. This course is still delivered through our highly experienced instructors and they will allow you to ask any questions you might have along the way. The trainer will travel to your venue and deliver the course as if it was a classroom but to your business.


What are the benefits of taking a PRINCE2® qualification? 

There is a variety of reasons why your organisation should take a PRINCE2® course. One of them is that the methodology hasn’t been tailored toward any specific type of business so it can be used by any organisation in any environment. The course has also started to become so popular that it is growing to become an industry standard. This means that some job roles require having a PRINCE2 qualification so it’s much easier to find a new job that can increase your salary and position.


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PRINCE2 in a location near you!

A reason to take a training course with Datrix is that you can take a course anywhere in the UK. A lot of training providers only deliver courses in London which can be a headache if you live in Glasgow or Edinburgh! Datrix delivers courses in many venues nationwide so that you can take a PRINCE2 training course in a state of the art venue near you. This reduces the cost of travel, reduces the amount of time you travel and you will feel more comfortable as you would be travelling shorter distances.

Some of our most popular training venues include:


PRINCE2 Training in London

Learn this fantastic project management course in our stunning venue in London. The state of the art building looks over the city skyline which creates a very special atmosphere. The capital has been home to many inspirational leaders from Winston Churchill to Queen Elizabeth II. Are you ready to join them and become a successful project manager?

If you would like to find out more information about our venue in London, please contact us on info@datrixtraining.com


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PRINCE2 Training in Manchester

Our venue in Manchester is very popular with our clients who are based in the north of England. The modern building is equipped with the latest technology which will help you enhance your skills and become more motivated during the training process.

If you would like to find out more information about our venue in Manchester, please contact us on info@datrixtraining.com


PRINCE2 Training in Birmingham

Situated in the heart of Birmingham, the venue is very useful for those living in the midlands. The training centre has been designed for classroom purposes which is perfect for those who like to focus on learning the fundamentals of the PRINCE2 qualification.

If you would like to find out more information about our venue in Birmingham, please contact us on info@datrixtraining.com


PRINCE2 Training in Leeds

Situated in the North of England is our modern venue in Leeds. This venue is ideal for those living around the area and wanting to learn some courses without travelling long distances.

If you would like to find out more information about our venue in Leeds, please contact us on info@datrixtraining.com


PRINCE2 Training in Cardiff

Datrix also offers high-quality training in the capital of Wales. Our Cardiff venue is located near the docks where there are stunning views of the harbour.

If you would like to find out more information about our venue in Cardiff, please contact us on info@datrixtraining.com


PRINCE2 Training in Bristol

Our historic venue in Bristol is perfect for those looking to learn PRINCE2 in the South and South West of England. The stunning training centre is situated by the River Avon which gives spectacular views across the city.

If you would like to find out more information about our venue in Bristol, please contact us on info@datrixtraining.com


PRINCE2 Training in Edinburgh

Located in the heart of the Scottish capital is our historic training venue in Edinburgh. The cultural city is full of incredible sites to keep you motivated to learn PRINCE2.

If you would like to find out more information about our venue in Edinburgh, please contact us on info@datrixtraining.com


PRINCE2 Training in Glasgow

Our Glasgow training centre is located at the Caledonian University where many inspirational leaders graduated there. Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is just one of the many names who has graduated there. Are you ready to become the next successful leader of projects?

If you would like to find out more information about our venue in Glasgow, please contact us on info@datrixtraining.com


How can I find out more information about the PRINCE2® Certification? 

Please contact us on info@datrixtraining.com to find out any more information about the vast variety of PRINCE2® Courses.


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The following PRINCE2® Courses includes:  


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