Course Introduction

PRINCE2® Training is a unique methodology that has been used by managers on a global scale. The PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certification demonstrates high-level management, organisation, and control of a project. As a manager, knowing this technique means that you are in a team of thousands of other managers around the world who also utilise this method. With greater control over projects, you will be able to ensure they meet their objectives by carefully monitoring them every step of the way from initiation to completion. Find out more about our PRINCE2® Training courses below.


The PRINCE2® Foundation certification and Practitioner course is directed towards managers, management advisors or those with an interest in management. The course is also integral for other employees involved in strategising, constructing and distributing controlled projects, and those who have the ambition to obtain a greater awareness of the methodology, including:

  • Project Associates
  • Senior Accountable Titleholders
  • Project Sponsors
  • Senior Management involved in generating controlled project-level selections

Throughout the training you will be able to learn the principles of PRINCE2®, business case themes, organisation themes, starting up a project process, directing a project process and other topics.





What's Included

Find out what's included in the training programme.