Course Introduction

MSP® Foundation training covers the principles and concepts of MSP® Training. This provides candidates with adequate knowledge of program management. Learning the fundamentals of a methodology such as Managing Successful Programmes increases the efficiency of practically applying this to program management scenarios.

MSP® Foundation Training for any course is essential in order to move on to the higher qualifications - Practitioner Upgrade, Professional. Completing this course will give you the highest chance of succeeding in a programming environment. Accommodating flexible principles, MSP® Foundation Training is valuable due to the ability to apply these principles to a variety of scenarios and stages within the MSP® Foundation Training process.

Interaction within a business is a key factor to a successful movement and this is especially important surrounding MSP® Training. There are many different teams within the MSP® courses with different sets of skills but all teams need to be compatible with others. This skill is one of the core focuses within MSP® Foundation Training. Interaction, communication and understanding are valuable skills to an effective working structure, these are all taught and developed within the MSP® Foundation Training course here at Datrix Training. Being able to interact with work colleagues means you will be more involved in the progress and are working efficiently alongside other team members, thus maximising success within the business.


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What's Included

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