Course Introduction

Change Management Training 

What is Change Management?

Change Management Founcation training can critically influence any business, and it is vital to be ready to handle it before, during and after it happens. The Change Management Foundation 3 day course will guarantee that employees included in structural change are ready for change when it comes, containing it rather than letting it go.

The Change Management course will focus on equipping the delegate with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges of Change Management, why change happens, how it happens and what needs to be done in order to overcome resistance to change. The course is all-out with large-scale attendance and opportunities to apply Change Management models, tools and techniques in a variety of success. 

The Change Management Foundation course provides a firm grounding for the delegate to apply approaches and techniques in the workplace. Datrix Training provides pre-course and activities to enable our attendees to prepare themselves for the course that they can take full advantage of the trainer’s knowledge and guidance. Nominees should expect to spent just under 20 hours to complete their pre-course preparation.



What's Included

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