A large amount of our courses at Datrix Training are available in an on-site capacity as well as in a classroom environment. We recognise that for some of our clients reaching one of our venues may be impractical, so to counteract this we offer the opportunity to undertake the training from your location of business. Liaising together with you, our customer, we can adapt our product to your requirements and deliver a pragmatic and workable solution should an on-site course be of benefit to you.


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There are many advantages to an on-site training course which will help your business get the best return on investment possible.

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It minimises the costs involved with travel and securing a venue.

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Have you been caught in gridlocked traffic? An On-site course minimises the disadvantages of this.

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Turning up time will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from any course you undertake.

From our perspective we value the needs of each customer as a priority. With an On-site course we can ensure that each course is uniquely adapted to meet your needs. In a classroom or venue there is a potential for a more formal learning atmosphere to fall over a group, however On-site, where our customers tend to feel more comfortable and familiar with their surroundings it allows the trainer to make a course more “hands-on”. Relevant use of techniques like role-plays, drills and group exercises tend to be more effective with a group of settled and comfortable students, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that all learning styles are catered for in a unique, targeted and fun way.

Our trainers are more than happy to adapt the courses to your needs. They are a superb team of highly experienced and qualified trainers, accustomed to deliver bespoke training to all manner of clients, regardless of whether that are already advanced in their field or are simply looking to pick up basic skills required to perform their role to the best of their abilities. With Datrix you can be assured that if an On-site training course is the best for you, we can deliver it in the most professional and effective way possible.