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Bristol is the perfect environment to accomplish your career aspirations and enquire about what Datrix Training has to offer. The professional training provider has a wide variety of luxury and easily accessible training venues throughout the city. Bristol has a wide range of courses which are on offer for ambitious project managers such as PRINCE2® Training and Agile® Training. These popular courses will help you to learn about how you can utilise your skills at the best of your ability in order to get the most out of your next project.  All PRINCE2® Training Bristol courses have the facilities to enhance your career into the next level with the space and facilities to prepare all the required training which is needed to pass the exam.   

If PRINCE2® is not what you are looking for, our MSP® Training Bristol courses includes different techniques and methods within project management. With a huge range of locations available and courses scheduled throughout the year, please find our dates and prices in Bristol and unlock your career potential. 

If your field of interest is more centred on the use of data and using analytical statistics as a method of improving productivity standards and output, the Lean Six Sigma® Bristol training course is highly recommended to take with Datrix Training. With all levels of the Lean Six Sigma certifications available in Bristol (whether you have experience or not), Datrix Training has highly skilled instructors who will share their knowledge to you so that you can experience the best training in one of the best venues in the UK

As organisations start to use a variety of computer networks to run programmes, the high demand for well-informed IT professionals is becoming more apparent. With IT technical certifications available for you by Datrix Training, why not have a look at our ITIL® Bristol courses and see how we can help you to achieve the examination. Whether it’s your first experience into the world of IT systems with an ITIL® Foundation Bristol certification, or looking to take control with an ITIL® Managing across the Lifecycle Bristol certification, you can find the right course at the right level for you at ITIL® Bristol.       

Situated in the idyllic southwest of England, Bristol is a city rich in history and culture that is evident and present throughout the entire city. There are over 400,000 people living in Bristol which means that it is currently known as the UK’s 6th largest city. Bristol is located just below Wales along on the M5 which has picturesque views and scenery.    

Situated along the River Avon, the natural landscape sets the tone for the city which richly blends the laid back nature of Somerset, with the big city feel of somewhere like London or Manchester. Bristol is seen by many as the link between the West Country and the rest of the UK and many consider the City of Bristol as the capital of the Somerset and Devon regions.

With such a growing reputation, Bristol has further advanced its ease of access with excellent public transport links. With the M5 motorway passing through the city and a variety of top class hotels on nearly every street, you can explore Bristol at your own pace and time. For those that have international goals, Bristol international Airport is based seven miles outside the city, the airport best highlights the feeling of a reginal town with a big city mentality.    

As well as its modern day feel, Bristol is stacked with maritime and naval history based on its location. The Naval aspect of the city can be experienced in a variety of ways, through modern day attractions such as the harbour in the city centre, or if your keen to experience first-hand naval history of Bristol, why not take a trip to see the S.S Great Brittan and bask in the glory of the British Empire in its prime.      

Home to one the most renowned universities in UK, Bristol has a vast and diverse history which can be viewed and observed at many of the museums and galleries that are situated within the city. You are never short of an enjoyable and educational day out in this stunning city.   

If you’re in need of entertainment in the city, why not take a day trip to Bristol Zoo and interact with all the animals at all times of the day which include late opening times, bringing about a multi sensual visiting experience.

If an evening of culture is more your style, then why not check Bristol’s famous theatres such as the Old Vic. The Old Vic is home to amateur shows or professionals productions and there is always something worth watching around the city.     

Bristol is most famous for is the Iconic Clifton Suspension bridge. Opened in 1864, the bridge is used as a link between the Avon Gorge and the river Avon which runs through the city. The bridge is seen as a tourist hotspot in the city and draws in visitors from all over the UK.

With so much to do and see, why not give Datrix Training a call and make your next step the first step into making Bristol your gateway to a world of professional opportunities. 

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