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Along the south coast of the country, is the Welsh capital of Cardiff. The city sits along the port which has formed such a pivotal role with in the cities great history. Cardiff is city that attracts tourists from all over the world due to its vibrant lifestyle mixed eloquently with a significant amount of cultural history.

The history of Cardiff is vast and rich starting from being colonized by the Romans in the early years of the 1st Century. Before being taken over by the Vikings during the middle Ages. Despite being colonized, it has been often speculated that the lack of information on Cardiff during the early years of civilisation, was in part due to its location putting off any potential invaders therefore making it a strong hold from raiders. 

The local docks play a key role in the development of Cardiff, making it the ideal shipping hub for trade and industry in the area.

Cardiff was granted city status in the 20th Century, and was made the country’s capital in 1955.  

Cardiff bay is also a local attraction to tourists with its stunning views and excellent attractions. It is often viewed at the go to attraction when visiting the Welsh capital.  Other attractions in the city centre include a vast variety of museums and art galleries that eloquently show Cardiff’s proud past without neglecting the thriving world of Modern Cardiff. 

As the history of Cardiff is so prominent, there are numerous Castles that dominate the Cardiff Landscape. From the picturesque Castle Coch to Gothic Cardiff Castle which attracts interested travellers all year around across the globe.    

The Welsh are a nation that are famous for its sporting passions, and its capital embodies that passion on a daily basis. Cardiff is called home by both the Welsh national Football and Rugby teams, and on a national match day, the whole city is often awash with Welsh Hymns that leave a lasting impression with all those that experience such an event. The city are also host to the Cardiff City Football team which is followed by a loyal and boisterous crowd. 


A source of great pride in the Cardiff community is the fact that one of the leading Universities in the UK is based in the city. The Welsh university goes all the way back to the late 19th Century and covers a wide range of subjects from medicine to philosophy to a high academic standard. From media output to sporting achievements, Cardiff University is one of the consistent high achievers in terms of extracurricular activities.  


Cardiff is known as the birthplace of many influential Welsh people throughout the years, from the celebrated children’s Author Roald Dahl  who was born in Cardiff in 1916, and went on to write many famous novels such as THE BFG and the classic, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Cardiff has also been the famed for being a central hub for Musical talent, with many famous artists. Perhaps the most famous of these acts are “Gold finger” singer Shirley Bassey or in the modern era, Welsh singer and TV star Charlotte Church, who still lives in the City of Cardiff.          

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