What are Managed Learning Services?

Many companies outsource their training needs nowadays. In doing so they guarantee effective and targeted training designed specifically to enhance and reinforce the skillsets already within their company. Managed Learning Services is a process which can be employed in order to put the training needs of your company in the hands of experts, and as such ensure a far more pragmatic and effective training scheme than might otherwise be available. We are able to support your full range of training requirements, either through supplying existing qualification programmes to your staff at any and all of your onsite locations, or creating bespoke training to fulfil any need. Any provision, from simple inductions and basic certification, to high level advanced technical skills can be fulfilled.

Why are Managed Learning Services Relevant?

In today's climate Managed Learning Services are incredibly relevant to you and your business. In outsourcing your training needs not only do you ensure that those needs are in the hands of seasoned and experienced professionals, but you can also be safe in the knowledge that the training that is provided to employees is specifically targeted to bolster and support both existing skill sets as well as teaching entirely new ones. The level of precision offered in outsourcing your training to a professional company whose sole focus is on employee development, ensures an unrivalled return on your investment, freeing you up to focus on the more immediate challenges of your business safe in the knowledge those working with you are well trained and capable experts in their specific fields.

What Datrix can do for you ?

At Datrix training we offer cost effective, competitive and personalised Managed Learning Services. Our aim is to provide each and every one of our delegates with the finest training available . We do not find filling our delegates' heads with information they already know as an efficient use of time or outlay, so instead, as part of our Managed Learning Service, we tailor our courses to exactly what is needed to improve each individual. We provide an adaptable and flexible approach to training. With our experience we know people learn via different methods and at different speeds. A utilitarian, catch-all approach can work in the short term, but we are confident that with Datrix, and our robust and pragmatic approach to your training needs, together we can maximise the output of what we expect is already a professional and highly skilled set of employees.

Please fill in an enquiry form for a call back or contact our training advisors on 0800 781 0626 to find out how we can improve your company's performance with our managed learning services.