Course Introduction

PRINCE2® (or Projects IN Controlled Environments) is an adaptive based approach for effective project management. The Practitioner training techniques detail the growth of high-level management, organisation and control of a successful project. The main purposes of taking the PRINCE2® course involves:

  • Applying suitable stages to enforce flexibility to a project
  • Planning a product-based pathway
  • Identifying the implications of breaking a product down into adaptable stages
  • Outlining business validations
  • Pursuing business validations.

The structure of the PRINCE2® certification is a PeopleCert-accredited 2-day course, based on the new 2017 syllabus, designed to prepare delegates to pass the Practitioner examination. Learners will spend the first day preparing for the advanced 2-day course, before either taking it the following day or completing their online exam at a time convenient to the delegate.


Why should I acquire this PRINCE2® certification?

The PRINCE2® course has been developed to aid professionals. All sectors are moving at a rapid speed, which means projects must be completed efficiently and on time. Project managers are required in all sectors (technology, business, social, regulatory etc.). It is important that your project management strategy is constantly being improved and adapted to the needs of your team. There will be severe penalties if your business is failing to adapt to change.

It is true that PRINCE2® can be applied to any type of project, in almost any industry sector. The method of PRINCE2® is globally recognised. Project management professionals across the UK and the world work off of the basis of PRINCE2® as it provides a common vocabulary across the project management sector. The PRINCE2® project management course brings effective communication to any business whose employees are trained in the skill. PRINCE2® is not a 'one size fits all' solution, but it is a flexible framework that can readily be tailored to any type or size of a project.




What's Included

Find out what's included in the training programme.

Course Content

The PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam

It is important to be aware that AXELOS (the company responsible for developing and enhancing best practice techniques) have changed the PRINCE2® examinations due to the PRINCE2® 2017 update. Our trusted trainers at Datrix will support you through these changes but if you have any more questions about this, please contact us.

It is required that delegates provide sufficient evidence of holding the 2009 or 2017 version of the PRINCE2® Foundation certification or other valid qualification such as PMP, CAPM, or an IPMA Level A-D Qualification before attending the PRINCE2® Practitioner course.

The PRINCE2® Practitioner exam is formatted like so:

  • Focuses on knowledge of PRINCE2®
  • Multiple choice
  • 60 questions
  • 1 hour
  • The pass mark is 55%, or 33/60

The Practitioner exam is to be completed at a mutually convenient date (please see the below details for further information).

*After completing 1 day of classroom training and successfully passing your PRINCE2® Foundation Exam, the second day of this course is a flexible exam preparation day to complete at your convenience in order to prepare you to take and pass your PRINCE2® Practitioner exam online.

We provide comprehensive support during the exam process to make the experience as simple as possible. This exam can be taken at a suitable time, subject to availability; online, anywhere.

Benefits of online exams include:

  • Proven higher pass rates
  • Quicker Results
  • Save Travel Costs
  • Flexibility
  • Convenient
  • Take your exam at your home, office, or work when you are ready

Exam Preparation Workbook

Our exam preparation workbook ensures and validates that you have the knowledge and confidence to pass your exam.

The exam preparation workbook comprises of mock questions, applicable scenario based projects, and is known to further elevate pass masks. Please note that this exam preparation workbook and instructions of how to book your exam, can be found in your Joining Instructions, received upon enrolment. Completion of the workbook prior to taking the exam, is highly recommended to maximise your chances of passing.

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The Benefits of PRINCE2®

The main benefit of training in PRINCE2® is that it provides an explicit recognition of project responsibilities, therefore it is extremely relevant to the role of the project manager. Those who undertake PRINCE2® training understand each other's roles and needs within workplaces. Within an organisation that is trained in PRINCE2® there is a defined structure for accountability, delegation, authority, and communication. The reason why PRINCE2® works so well is that it was driven by the feedback from end-users. Alongside this feedback, project management specialists and a review panel of 150 public and private sector organisations, helped to shape the course.


PRINCE2® Compatiblity with other Project Management Certifications

PRINCE2® is compatible with all other project management qualifications. The great thing about taking a PRINCE2® training course is that it provides the technical structure of the framework for a project. This is not the only skills you will walk away with, this PRINCE2® project management course complements other softer skills, that may have been learned on other qualifications or on the job.


PRINCE2® Certification Scheme

If you are unfamiliar with how the PRINCE2® Certification scheme works, then there are three levels of PRINCE2® certification: Foundation, Practitioner, and Professional. All of these courses were created for the use of project managers and for those who are planning a project. These three qualifications examine the PRINCE2® methodology in increasing depth and offer individuals and organisations the ability to implement PRINCE2® to suit their specific needs. The PRINCE2® method addresses project management through the four integrated elements: principles; themes; processes and the project environment.


PRINCE2® Practitioner 


PRINCE2® Practitioner is the most advanced course out of the Foundation & Practitioner certifications. The 2-day qualification will help you to improve your knowledge on how to use the PRINCE2® methodology to make a successful project. You will also learn how to use these skills to manage a team within this project. Once you have passed the practitioner course, you will become fully PRINCE2® certified.

The Practitioner course covers the following course topics:

  • Introducing the seven principles that guide obligations and good practices of PRINCE2® training
  • Reviewing the PRINCE2® themes
  • Exploring the PRINCE2® process model
  • Distinguishing between versions of the manual

The second module of the certification is Navigating the PRINCE2® Process Models (starting up and initiating a project). The topic features include:

  • Assembling project initiation documentation
  • Setting up project management controls and strategies
  • Writing the project product description
  • Tailoring the method to the project
  • Defining and refining the business case
  • Testing project viability

The third topic of the training session certification is Controlling a Stage and Managing Product Delivery. This course topic is made up of:

  • Accepting and executing work packages
  • Dealing with issues and taking corrective actions
  • Controlling the link between the project manager and team manager
  • Assigning work to be done, monitoring the work and reporting progress

The fourth topic of the PRINCE2® Practitioner course is Managing a Stage Boundary, Closing a Project and Directing a Project. This course consists of:

  • Getting ready for an end stage assessment
  • Preparing for an end stage assessment
  • Directing the project by exception

The fifth topic is clarifying the PRINCE2® Themes - Developing and Maintaining the Business Case. This course topic features:

  • Verifying and confirming a robust business case
  • Planning project delivery and quality goals
  • Assembling the project initiation documentation (PID)

The sixth module of the PRINCE2® Practitioner certification is Appointing Project Organisation Rules. This course topic includes the following:

  • Agreeing on project authorities
  • Representing business, user and supplier stakeholders
  • Allocating the four levels of management
  • Defining and establishing the project’s structure of accountability and responsibility

The seventh topic is Planning a Project with PRINCE2®. This course topic consists of:

  • Establishing product descriptions
  • Establishing the planning levels
  • Defining the seven steps in creating a project plan
  • Employing product-based planning
  • Satisfying the contents of a plan

The eighth module is Tracking Project Process. This course topic includes:

  • Creating, monitoring and reporting mechanisms
  • Risk
  • Scope
  • Time
  • Determining project performance targets
  • Benefit
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Managing tolerance criteria
  • Monitoring the project stages

The ninth topic for the certification is Documenting the Management Strategies - Managing Risks. The course topic consists of:

  • Developing a plan for ongoing risk management
  • Evaluating risk exposure
  • Analysing the risks
  • Deciding on risk responses

The tenth module for the course is Assuring Product Quality. The topic features include:

  • Following the quality audit trail
  • Creating and verifying products that are fit for purpose
  • Conducting a quality review

The eleventh topic for PRINCE2® Practitioner certification is Controlling and Authorising Change. This course topic consists of:

  • Incorporating change control and configuration management
  • Applying change management procedures

PRINCE2® Training UK

Datrix Training has project management courses available in over 50 locations globally. Each of these venues is equipped with our most favoured courses, the PRINCE2® Practitioner certification. As well as this course being preferred by our best customers, we implement this course in venues that are located in major cities and towns. For you, this makes it easier for travelling options and so Datrix Training has measured that the less distance travelled has decreased money spent on travelling. Even if it was a longer distance to travel it’d be worth it as Datrix Training has some of the most impressive technology advanced facilities available for anyone who wishes. Our trainers work day and night to improve their knowledge so they are able to answer any question you may have on the spot. The professionals are here to help you succeed.


Finding a PRINCE2® Practitioner training course:


  • PRINCE2® courses Leeds
  • PRINCE2® courses Glasgow
  • PRINCE2® courses London
  • PRINCE2® courses Manchester

Datrix Training offers PRINCE2® training courses in locations across the UK, including London, Glasgow, Leeds, and Manchester. Our PRINCE2® courses are accredited and are inclusive of exams, comprehensive course materials and the PRINCE2® manual when appropriate.

With a wide variety of courses online, there’s nothing better than learning from home. Datrix offers it's students with a wide variety of courses from PRINCE2® to Microsoft. This will allow our trainees to gain access to the PRINCE2® Practitioner training course wherever they wish. For every course online, we strive to deliver the best service and assistance you could hope for. Taking this course will open doors and enable you to review our PRINCE2® Practitioner course in your very own home, studying at your own pace and time. It is believed that a home learning environment is much better for our students as their home is seen as their comfort zone so they are able to work better which is proven to correlate with a higher success rate.

Datrix Training also offers classes live or recorded in advance which will give an opportunity to get secure access to the event online so they can study it when they want to. This alone is a big advantage as it reduces the overloading of the website servers from too many students trying to access the presentation at once, like during a live recording where interference may occur to viewers. Online training allows our delegates to sit back, relax and put their feet up.

Thinking about why you should choose online training over onsite training? Well, there is no need to get dressed for online training. There is also no need to be in a classroom for a certain time. Online is readily available whenever you wish to use it.


If you wish to know any more information regarding this course, please contact us today at 800 781 0626 or send an enquiry to


The PRINCE2® Practitioner 2-day training course will include the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Projects and the PRINCE2® methodology
  • PRINCE2® Principles
  • Business Case Theme
  • Organisation Theme
  • Quality Theme
  • Plans Theme
  • Risk Theme
  • Change Theme
  • Progress Theme
  • Starting up a Project Process
  • Directing a Project Process
  • Initiating a Project Process
  • Controlling a Stage Process
  • Managing Product Delivery Process
  • Managing a Stage Boundary Process
  • Closing a Project Process
  • Tailoring PRINCE2® to the project environment
  • Considerations for Adoption
  • Practitioner Exam Introduction and Guidance

Delivery Methods


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What are the pass requirements for this exam?

The Practitioner exam is an 80 question multiple-choice examination with a pass mark of 44 out of 80 (55%). This is the top level of PRINCE2® qualification.

What are the pre requisites for this exam?

In order to take the Practitioner exam, delegates must have passed the Prince2 Foundation exam.

What are the Benefits for taking this course?

A PRINCE2® certification ensures formal recognition of responsibilities in a project. It provides your organisation with:

  • A consistent and dependable approach
  • An organised and controlled start, middle and end to a project
  • The ability to efficiently review a project based on a solid plan
  • The assurance that a project continues to have a business justification throughout application

What is Included in this course?

  • The official "Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2" course manual
  • Pre-course material
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner exam
  • Certificate
  • A highly skilled and knowledgeable Instructor
  • Refreshments



What is the experience of the instructor(s) delivering my course?

All of our instructors at Datrix are accredited and have over ten years of experience worldwide.

What time shall I arrive at the venue?

Please arrive at the venue for 08:45am.

How can I find more information?

If you would like to know any more information about our courses, please contact us on 0800 781 0626 or send us an e-mail on