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Microsoft Office Training from Datrix Training is targeted at professionals who aim at using the Microsoft technologies in their day to day tasks at their work place. The Microsoft Training benefits those professionals who are just beginners in the field of IT and who are advanced users such as Project Managers.

A Microsoft Project course is a highly popular software programme for project management. It is especially popular with individuals who are project managers as it will provide them with guidance...

Throughout the Microsoft Excel training course you will be taught through the basics of Microsoft Excel and then the advanced material of the world’s most popular spreadsheet software by an exper...

Microsoft Access is a popular software programme which enables users to manage and change their data in a variety of ways. Our Microsoft Access training courses will guide you through this databa...

During this Microsoft Outlook course, a highly qualified instructor will show you everything that Outlook has to offer. Outlook is more than just an microsoft email programme - it offers contact...

The Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass course is designed to provide essential knowledge and skills required to create professional presentations that can easily be shared on the web. It is an exce...

Microsoft Visio is a vector graphics application that allows the users to share data-driven visual information instantly on the website. It can be easily integrated with the Microsoft Office suit...

Microsoft Publisher is a graphic design program developed by Microsoft. This course enables the delegates to create professional documents, marketing materials and Web pages. During the course, d...

The Microsoft Word Masterclass training course is designed to provide essential knowledge required to write, create and design documents, use spell check, format text, perform mail merges and mor...

Topic Overview

What is Microsoft Training?

The Microsoft Office Training provided by Datrix Training includes several courses that provide specialisation in their own fields. These courses include:

  • Microsoft Word Masterclass

This course helps the delegates to perform various word processing operations such as write, create, spell check, format text, and perform mail merge etc. The course is useful for the delegates as it improves their MS W21ord skills. The delegates can use advanced graphic features, set up templates using sections, and reduce any repetitive tasks with the help of macros.

  • Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that is used worldwide for making calculations in a split second. The spreadsheet application can also be used for drawing charts and graphs. It also allows the use of macros to automate tasks. Various calculations can be done by the use of different types of functions such as LOOKUP, DATE, TEXT, and NUMERIC functions.

  • Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is an RDBMS from Microsoft that can be used to store data in the form of tables. Access also has the option of letting the user enter the data through a graphical interface and retrieving the same using either a query or reports. As in Word or Excel, Access also has the capability to automate tasks using macros. Delegates can make use of conditional queries to retrieve data that can be used in reports as well as in forms.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass

Data, when presented as text, may not appeal the audience very much. When the same data is presented using graphics and animation along with special effects, it is capable of gaining the attention of the user towards the facts that need to be brought before the user. This training helps the delegates to learn the various tools and techniques of Microsoft PowerPoint to get the desired results.

  • Microsoft Outlook

Basically an email client, Microsoft Outlook can be used for managing the personal information of the user. The delegates will learn about scheduling tasks, spamming and phishing and how to best avoid them. Microsoft Outlook can also be used for scheduling meetings. Delegates will be able to send text messages and attachments as well.

  • Microsoft Project

The MS Project course is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge of creating and modifying plans in Microsoft Project. The delegates will also learn about tasks, resources, and costs associated with a project. The delegates further get to know how to track the projects once they are created.

  • Microsoft Visio Masterclass

Microsoft Visio is a tool meant specifically for creating diagrams that are data-driven. The delegates during the course learn to insert and delete shapes, work with layers and themes, format text as well as shapes, and perform a host of other operations in Visio. Visio can be used to draw diagrams, maps, and other drawings to make the user understand the flow of information easier.

  • Microsoft Publisher Masterclass

Microsoft Publisher can be used by the delegates to create posters, broachers, banners, and newsletters. It also provides the delegates to create professional documents such as web pages. Visually rich documents can be created using Publisher without requiring the help of an expert.

Each of the courses mentioned above serves a different purpose. While courses such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be used for learning how to handle daily tasks anywhere, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Project are used by organisations while working with projects.

What are the Benefits of Microsoft Training?

Anybody can take up the courses in Microsoft Training as it consists of different courses. The delegates can enroll for Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, or PowerPoint while Project Managers can benefit from courses such as Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project. Also, as the courses under this training are all from Microsoft, the delegates will be able to share or import/export data from one to another application very easily. Being Microsoft technologies, the software used are wizard based and working with them is easier than with any other software.                                                                                      

Why choose Datrix Training?

The Microsoft Office Training at Datrix Training is delivered by highly certified and well experienced instructors who provide an edge over others. The delegates at Datrix Training are provided with theoretical and practical knowledge that instil in them greater confidence when they work with Microsoft technologies at their workplace.


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