Course Introduction

Microsoft Visio is a vector graphics application that allows the users to share data-driven visual information instantly on the website. It can be easily integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of applications such as Excel and Project. The Microsoft Visio Masterclass training course enables the delegates to create professional quality diagrams including flowcharts, floor plans, building plans and 3D maps. During the course, the delegates will also learn how to open files, add text, insert and delete shapes, format text and shapes, adjust the interface and work with layers and themes. Learn how to master basic tools and features of Microsoft Visio and effectively visualise data with Visio tools.

Microsoft Visio is a professional diagram software that supports team collaboration and design effective diagrams and charts in the shortest possible time. Get acquainted with the concepts and features of Visio and explore the technical layout toolsets of Visio. Microsoft Visio allows you to build diagrams from templates, work with shapes, and make an organisational chart, import images and more.


What's Included

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Course Content

Getting Started with Visio

  • Navigate the Visio Setting
  • Opening and Saving
  • File extensions
  • Understanding ribbons and Quick Access Toolbar

Workflow with Shapes

  • Use Drawing Components
  • Finding Drawing shapes
  • Copying shapes
  • Moving and manipulating shapes
  • Filling and outlining shapes
  • Changing stack order

Design Advanced Diagrams and Plans

  • Draft a Microsoft Account and Log into Visio
  • Make Advanced Plans
  • Create Advanced Diagrams

Create Flowcharts

  • Using the Flowchart stencils
  • Create a Basic Flow Chart
  • Modify and manipulating diagrams

Change the Design of Drawings

  • Use 3-D Structures
  • Effort with Shape Styles
  • Describe Shape Styles
  • Apply Backgrounds, Borders, and Titles

Design a Custom Stencil

  • Create a Custom Stencil
  • Customise a Stencil Master
  • Document Stencil
  • Using Styles in Stencils and Templates
  • Protecting Local Shape Formats
  • Managing Color in Styles, Shapes, and Files

Work with Stencils and Master Shapes

  • Creating custom stencils
  • Selections for layout and routing in flowcharts
  • Using the Favorites stencil
  • Editing templates
  • Creating custom master forms
  • Protecting shapes
  • Changing shape behavior

Work with Layers

  • Learning Layers Properties dialogue box
  • Exploring existing Visio layers
  • Expressing new layers
  • Energetic Layers
  • Protected Layers
  • Wallop Layers
  • Layers on Backgrounds

Create a Custom Shape

  • Draw Basic Shapes
  • Enhance Basic Shapes
  • Using Custom Shapes
  • Using Custom Shapes In A Drawing
  • Creating and Controlling Groups
  • Controlling the Behavior of Groups
  • Protecting the Formatting Of Shapes in Groups
  • Creating and Controlling Merged Shapes

Combine Drawings with Data from External Sources

  • Formulate a Gantt chart from a Project File
  • Set up an Association Chart from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Create a Pivot Diagram from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Combine a Map to an Access Database
  • Develop a Timeline from a Project Record

Use Background Pages

  • Creating a Background Page
  • Assigning a Background Page
  • Displaying and Modifying Background
  • Foreground Pages

Merge Shapes

  • Using Union Command
  • Using Subtract Command
  • Using Fragment Command
  • Using Combine Command
  • Using Intersect Command

File Security

  • Data Rights Management
  • Protecting data against changes
  • Protecting Templates
  • Converting files to Adobe (.pdf) format

Delivery Methods


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What are the prerequisites for attending Microsoft Visio Masterclass?

There are no official pre-requirements for attending the Microsoft Visio Masterclass training course. However, basic knowledge of Windows 10 and 2D drawings would be useful.

What are the benefits of attending the Microsoft Visio Masterclass course?

  • Create and manage visually engaging diagrams and drawings
  • Navigate drawings in Microsoft Visio and customise the Visio environment
  • Work with other applications to import and export data
  • Learn the key similarities and differences among shapes and templates
  • Create hyperlinks to enhance the value of a Visio diagram

Who should attend Microsoft Visio Masterclass training course?

  • Architects
  • Civil and Structural Engineers
  • Business Analyst, Market Analyst, Research Analyst
  • Software Architects and Software Professionals
  • Enterprise level users at the Corporate level
  • Senior management executives; CEOs, CTOs

What time shall I arrive at the venue?

Please arrive the venue at 8:45 am as our training sessions are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How can I get more information about Microsoft Visio Masterclass?

Please send us an e-mail on or contact us on 0800 781 0626 for more information.