Microsoft Excel Training Courses

The Microsoft Excel training course is designed for everyone, who wants to enhance their Excel skills. Throughout the Microsoft Excel training the delegates will be taught the basics as well as the advanced concepts of this spreadsheet  package by an expert instructor. However, an instructor will guide the delegates through it at a steady speed so the delegates can understand every part of it in full detail. The delegates will understand the functions which are used in Microsoft Excel and also get to know about graphs and charts.

MS Excel is a widely used spreadsheet application that allows the users to organise and manipulate data effectively. The Microsoft Excel Masterclass course provides essential knowledge and skills...

Topic Overview

The delegates will able to create dynamic reports by mastering one of the most important tools that are Pivot tables. The Microsoft Excel training provides information about the data calculations, visualisation and data analysis. The delegates get to know how to analyse and share data to make more informed decisions. By taking this Microsoft Excel training, the delegates will able to create and design different kinds of spreadsheet or workbook. This training enhances the excel skills of delegates so that they can work more efficiently. At the end of the Microsoft Excel training, the delegates will have full knowledge of pivot tables, pivot charts, auditing, utilising data tools, and creating and managing macros in Excel.

What are the benefits of taking the Microsoft Excel training?

  • Enhance your Knowledge and Management Skills
  • Process data and analyse with graphs and charts
  • Identify and examine trends and patterns in large amounts of data
  • Easy to reformat and rearrange data
  • Build complex equations to help you pose and answer questions about company finances, efficiency, workflow, inventory and much more
  • Use conditional formatting
  • Solve business issues with the advanced application of data
  • Automate day to day Excel tasks by mastering the power of Macros and VBA
  • Implement tracking systems for a massive variety of departments and operations
  • Organize and interpret information more easily
  • Learn the use of Excel's most famous and highly sought after functions including sum, IF, index, average etc
  • Analyze data using statistics and probability functions and visualisations built into Excel
  • Organize and summarize data using Excel tables, pivot tables, and dashboards

Why choose Datrix Training?

Datrix Training provides experienced and certified trainers, who help the delegates to understand the latest features of Microsoft Excel. The Microsoft Excel training course enables the delegates to work more efficiently in the workplace and effectively manage their data. The Microsoft Excel training provides essential knowledge to the delegates which help the delegates to effectively manage their data in the workplace. Datrix Training programs are delivered in various modes including classroom, online and onsite training courses.


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