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During this Microsoft Outlook course, a highly qualified instructor will introduce the features of Microsoft Outlook to the delegates. Outlook is more than just a Microsoft email programme - it provides contact lists, calendars and much more. The Microsoft Outlook instructor will guide the delegates through every element of the Outlook training programme, starting with the basics such as getting an account set up, sending an email and dealing with incoming messages. Afterwards, the delegates will move onto more advanced actions such as using the Outlook calendars. Microsoft Outlook training enables the delegates to work with advanced features of Microsoft Outlook. Throughout the Microsoft Outlook training, delegates will get to know about bout spamming and phishing as well as how to avoid them.

Microsoft Outlook is the email client which is used to access Microsoft Exchange Server email and offers One-Stop E-mail. Microsoft Outlook Masterclass training course helps the delegates to lear...

Topic Overview


The Microsoft Outlook is a popular application for reading emails, sending emails and managing calendars. Throughout the Microsoft Outlook training delegates will learn, how to manage their time and plan their meeting and also understand how to navigate the Outlook interface, calendars, work with contacts, notes, tasks lists, alerts, forms, rules and journal. By the end of the Microsoft Outlook training, delegates will use Microsoft Outlook efficiently both in personal life and in the workplace and delegates can also share their documents efficiently. Delegates will increase their day to day productivity by taking the Microsoft Outlook training. Microsoft Outlook training will expand the delegate’s skill using Outlook, and delegates get to know how to schedule their meetings and events with the help of Outlook calendar.

What are the benefits of taking the Microsoft Outlook training?

  • Microsoft Outlook Works Well With Active Directory
  • Microsoft Outlook Integrates with Many Devices and Applications
  • Microsoft Outlook Makes it Easy to Organize Your Assets
  • Microsoft Outlook collaborates Nicely With SharePoint
  • Compose and organise email
  • Microsoft Outlook makes communicating so easy
  • Multiple ways to find email also available in Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Outlook Expedites Workflow
  • Microsoft Outlook's User Interface is Familiar
  • Categorize email items to stay organised
  • Microsoft Outlook Offers One-Stop E-mail
  • Understand about how to write emails, reply, delete, forward, attach files and more
  • Get to Know about Flagging messages
  • The technology continues to evolve
  • Learn to send attachments to other users
  • Microsoft Outlook Offers Integrated Calendar, Tasks, Reminders
  • Outlook is a secure application for sharing data

Why choose Datrix Training

Datrix Training provides experienced and certified trainers, who help the delegates to send and receive professional and personal email and schedule their meeting and events in a list with the help of a calendar. Datrix Training enables the delegates to connect worldwide by using the Microsoft Outlook. Datrix Training programs are delivered in various modes including classroom, online and onsite training courses.


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