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Found in the heart of the great county of Lancashire, the historic city of Preston is a hidden gem in along the M6 Motorway. A city that is known as the administrative centre of Lancashire, Preston is a place that uniquely blends hard work and graft with the right amount of technology and technological advancements. Preston is a city that is proud of its history with many landmarks and monuments across the city.   

Preston has a rich and proud history that was once a thriving cog within the machine of British colonisation. Mainly used as a production mill for materials such as cloth and other fabrics, Preston was also one of the biggest gas storage areas in the UK and it’s perhaps this made it such an important town in the years of the Industrial Revolution. 

The city also plays host to one the most successful football teams in the whole of the English game. Preston North End were one of the founding members of the English Football League and enjoyed many league titles and domestic success in the early part of the 20th century.  One of their own players during the early years of domination is arguably one of the most famous to have been born in the city. Sir Tom Finney (also known as the “Preston plumber”) was born and raised in the heart of Preston and played for the side for his whole career. Sir Tom Finney also went on to represent England on numerous occasions.     

If you’re looking for an educational day out whilst in Preston, why not have a look at what various museums the city has to offer. If you want to learn about the glorious history of Lancashire and how county life has changed over the years, the Museum of Lancashire is the best place to find in depth and informative details about how the city of Preston and its surrounding areas has changed in the last millennium. If you want to find out about the sport in the area and more about the life of the famous Sir Tom Finney, you can check out the National Football Museum which is located in the city centre.

Tours and events are held on a weekly basis at famous landmarks such as Hoghton Tower and Avenham Park. With stunning scenery blended with historic significance, these are places not miss when being in the city of Preston.      


Whilst exploring the historic city of Preston, why not discover what Datrix Training have can offer you. With Luxury training venues spread throughout the city and courses available throughout the year, you are never too far away from a Datrix Training location in the city of Preston. With a full range of fully accredited courses across all working requirements at your disposal why not enquire today and start your own tailored personal development plan. For project managers both aspiring and experienced, why not look at what PRINCE2® Preston can do for you. With Accreditations available from the Foundation Level all the way to the full practitioner qualifications.

If you’re not looking for PRINCE2®, why not enquire about what Agile® can do to enhance your career potential.          

If project management isn’t quite what you’re looking for, why not have a browse at the full ITIL® Preston courses that are offered by Datrix Training. From the Introductory ITIL® foundation course to the advanced Managing across the Lifecycle course, Datrix Training have the ITIL® Preston training certifications to suit your needs. With facilities fully equipped to perform all the required examinations, look no further for all your training requirements in Preston.      

If you need to manage and improve multiple delegates from your company, why not look into our excellent onsite training options available for you in Preston.  From project management to IT governance, we can organise onsite training at your conveniences. Our friendly and hardworking team of event organisers will make spare no effort in making your onsite training the most informative training session it could possibly be.

If your time in Preston is limited, then have a look at what online courses are on offer in this location. With training being able to be performed via a Wi-Fi connection you can enjoy gaining full accreditation in all available field and be able to take in all that Preston has to offer at the same time.   

With so much to offer, please take a look at what Datrix Training have can provide to you in Preston, and take this opportunity to gain some extra experience to your professional portfolio. Get in touch with Datrix today on 0800 781 0626 or enquire online via and start your very own personal development programme in the ever developing City of Preston.

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