Course Introduction

ITIL® Foundation Training

ITIL® is an abbreviation of Information Technology Infrastructure Library and IT Service Management documentation. This ITIL® training course focuses on the basic concepts and core principles of IT Service Management, which are necessary to pass the ITIL® exam at the end of the three-day course.

ITIL® foundation training teaches candidates the links between the different life cycles that make up the structure of the ITIL® certification. The ITIL® course is composed of 2 parts, ITIL® Service Capability and ITIL® Service Lifecycle with 4 sectors within ITIL® Service Capability and 6 sectors within ITIL® service lifecycle. ITIL® Foundation courses only cover the ITIL® Service Lifecycle.

ITIL® Service Lifecycle

  • Service Operation.

  • Continual Service Improvement.

  • Service Design.

  • Service Strategy.

  • Service Transition.

  • Managing Across The Lifecycle.


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What's Included

Find out what's included in the training programme.

Course Content

We offer courses focusing on all sectors individually. ITIL® Foundation training covers all of these with the basic knowledge of each to give you some background knowledge when required. ITIL® Foundation Training course is flexible because some people may not need to learn everything about every sector of ITIL® but it is always useful to know the basics of each for future reference.

IT service management has become one of the main factors of most organisations due to the strong reliance we now have on computers. Learning how to successfully execute an ITIL® project is a valuable business skill. ITIL® training is proven to be the only consistent methodology for successful IT Service Management which makes this course an extremely valuable and worthwhile experience. The ITIL® certification is used frequently in both major and minor organisations due to its flexible concepts that fit to suit almost every scenario tested.

Understanding the different strategies of IT Service Management means that you are able to apply particular strategies depending on the task and different circumstances. As our ITIL® Foundation course covers all of these key strategies with their basic concepts and principles, it is easier for candidates to devise some of the most suitable strategies for your scenarios and apply them as you wish.

Like every ITIL® foundation course we offer at Datrix Training, this is an essential qualification before you can progress onto higher qualifications of the same nature. ITIL® Foundation Training is required in order to move onto any of the other. Completing this course allows progression and opens opportunities for our candidates to excel within IT Service Management surrounding ITIL®.

General awareness of key elements included within the ITIL® Methodology means that candidates will obtain an overview of the ITIl® framework which can be developed where necessary. Your understanding will be tested at the end of the three-day course.

 This examination will last an hour and is composed of the following: 

  • Multiple choice

  • 40 questions per paper

  • 26 marks required to pass (out of 40 available) - 65%

  • Closed book


  • The ITIL® Foundation Certification runs for three days and is taught in a classroom location by a skilled and highly knowledgeable instructor. Learners should be aware that there will be a minimum of 1-hour homework each evening.
  • The ITIL® Foundation Certification offers an extensive summary of the IT Service Management Lifecycle and its supporting methods, purposes and roles. It involves discussions, exercises and presentations about ITIL best practice frameworks.
  • The ITIL® training course was updated from a process lead approach in 2007 to a service lifecycle approach as part of the five ITIL core principles:
  • Service Improvement, Service Transition, Service Strategy, Service Design and Service Operation and Continual.

Here is a breakdown of what is involved in the three-day training course:

Service Management as a Practice:

  • Effective development of new services and the enhancement of current services
  • Good practice
  • Functions, Roles and Methods

Service Strategy: Overall Business Targets and Prospects:

  • Types of Service Establishment
  • Service Portfolio Management
  • Financial Management
  • Demand Management
  • Business situation

Service Design: Developing an Explanation to Meet the Requirements of the Business:

  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Availability Management
  • Capacity Management
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • Information Security Management

Service Transition: Implementing Service Projects so that Service Operations can Manage the Services:

  • Service Asset and Configuration Management
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Release and Deployment Management

Service Operation: Day to Day Business as Normal Activities:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Request Fulfilment
  • Event Management
  • Access Management
  • Functions: Service Desk, Technical Management, Operations Management and Applications Management

Continual Service Improvement: How to Increase the Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency of Service Provision:

  • CSI Model
  • Deming Cycle

Course Schedule

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Who should take the ITIL® Foundation Certification Course?

If you would like to take the ITIL® Foundation Training course you should be able to:

• Require a basic awareness of the ITIL® structure and how it may be applied to improve the value of IT service management in a group.
• Require the knowledge of an IT expert that has been working within an business that has applied and improved ITIL®

What is included in the exam?

• Multiple choice
• 40 questions per paper
• 26 marks essential to pass (out of 40 available) - 65%
• 60 minute period

What are the benefits?

When you start the course, you can expect to come away with the following strengthened or new skills:

• Organise for and pass the ITIL® Foundation Certification Exam
• Recognise opportunities to develop IT methods using ITIL® procedures
• Relate with IT teams using ITIL® vocabulary and thoughts
• Discover IT service management practises
• Identify the importance of IT and business incorporation

What does Datrix provide me with on the course?

• Courseware Book
• Pre-Course Material
• Exam included
• Certificate upon completing the course
• An experienced and highly skilled Instructor
• Refreshments

What is the experience of the instructor(s) delivering my course?

All of our instructors at Datrix are accredited and have over ten years of experience worldwide.

What time shall I arrive at the venue?

Please arrive at the venue for 08:45am.

How can I find more information?

If you would like to know any more information about our courses, please contact us on 0800 781 0626 or send us an e-mail on