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Situated in the borough of Cheshire East lies the town of Crewe. The railway town has a lot of industry running through it, having a large railway junction and being home to Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Crewe is located in the north-west of England, over 150 miles from London and has a population of over 75,000 people who live there.

The English town of Crewe was founded by the township of Monks Coppenhall. The town was named after the railway station “Township of Crewe” around the 1800’s. The railway junction opened in 1837 but was not formally planned out until 1845 by Joseph Locke to create the railway colony. The station has remained as the focal point of Crewe and will continue for many years to come. The railway delivered a legacy towards the upkeep of Christ Church until 1897 when the town grew throughout the Industrial Age.

Crewe is also very passionate about football by being home to Crewe Alexandra. The club’s first major piece of Silverware happened in 2013 when the club beat Southend United 2-0 in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy final which was hosted at Wembley stadium.

Famous people that were born in Crewe include; children’s author Carl Ashmore, novelist William Copper and voice of Mickey Mouse, Jimmy MacDonald.   

Our modern venue in Crewe is very popular with our clients at Datrix Training. The state of the art building is equipped with the latest technology so that you can pass your chosen course in one of the greatest learning environments in the United Kingdom. Our professional instructors at Datrix Training have over 5 years of experience within their chosen subjects and will be able to help you and support you with anything you need throughout the training programme. Datrix Training provides globally accredited courses in Crewe so that you can enhance your learning in a location near you.

If you have an organisation based in Crewe, and you wish to have training to take place at your company, the Datrix Training onsite option is highly recommended to take.  By choosing the onsite option, Datrix Training will be able to send a highly knowledgeable instructor to your workplace and teach you globally recognised courses so that your business and grow as a team and work more efficiently therefore, increasing production within the business. The onsite training option will save your business money from travel costs and your staff will be more comfortable learning in a familiar atmosphere.

Datrix Training also offers their certifications on an online platform so that you can learn the fundamentals of PRINCE2® Crewe and ITIL® Crewe for example, in any location that has Wi-Fi. The online training certifications are hugely popular with our clients as they are best value for money and lasts for 90 days which gives you plenty of time to study the course and pass the examination. Another advantage of learning our courses online is that Datrix Training provides free walk in clinics so that you can talk to a professional instructor who will be able to help you with anything throughout the training process.

If you would like to take any of our professional courses in Crewe with Datrix Training, you can either call our friendly staff at 0800 781 0626 or send us an enquiry to

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