Course Introduction

This ITIL® certification looks at the ITIL® Service Transition module and is intended to prepare you to pass the module. The 3 day ITIL® course includes the procedures that are vital to build, test and apply IT products. The ITIL® certification demonstrates how these procedures can be used to the rest of the IT Service lifecycle, involving Service Strategy and Service Design.




What's Included

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Course Content

Learners will be able to increase their awareness and skills in the resulting topics:

Introduction to Service Transition:

  • The movement of Service Transition and where the “Service Transition” evaluation points occurs in the move
  • How Service Transition methods adds importance to the industry
  • The inputs to and outputs from Service transition as it connects with other service lifecycle stages
  • The important features of Service Transition and how to recognise them

Service Transition Principles:

  • The value of a service in terms of the companies results that customers expect
  • How services deliver value by improving the abilities of customer possessions while eliminating risks
  • Service Transition best methods in connection to investor relations and how these best techniques can be implemented
  • How to guarantee the value of a new or different service

Service Transition Processes:

  • How to apply Service Transition with the methods that cooperate with Service Transition
  • The movement of Service Transition as it connects to the transition preparation, change, assistance, service support and testing in addition to assessment.

Service Transition Related Activities:

  • How to report and achieve Communication policy of Service Transition
  • How to report structural change from preparation through to communication and application, and the connections with the other lifecycle phases
  • How to use all the techniques and methods accessible to control change
  • Investor organisation and how to attain this in an current business

Organising for Service Transition:

  • Service Transition duties, where and how they are implemented as well as how a Service Transition business would be planned to apply these objectives
  • The features that occur among Service Transition and other structural units (including third parties) and the “handover points”
  • Why Service Transition requires Service Design and Service Operation, what it practises from them and how

Consideration of Technology:

  • Technology necessities that provides Service Transition, where and how these would be implemented
  • Different methods of knowledge organisation, service asset and controlling configuration and workflow materials that can be applied to provide Service Transition

Improvement of Service Transition:

  • The different techniques for presenting Service Transition into a business
  • The plan, design and apply Critical Success Factors and Key Performance tasks as a method to measure and increase Service Transition
  • Encounters, risks and fundamentals for achievement in Service Transition


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What are the exam details for this course?

The exam will contain of a multiple choice, closed book paper of 8 questions, to be answered in 90 minutes. The pass mark is 70% or more.

What are the benefits for taking this ITIL® course?

The Datrix ITIL® course materials and trainers are acknowledged by PeopleCert which guarantees that learners have a high level of preparation. The Datrix course materials are frequently evaluated in line with standards are met with PeopleCert. The Datrix trainers are frequently evaluated by PeopleCert, to guarantee that their understanding of Service Desk Management and ITIL® are clear enough to distribute preparation that assists the learner’s advantage from joining our training courses.

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All of our instructors at Datrix are accredited and have over ten years of experience worldwide.

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Please arrive at the venue for 08:45am.

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