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PRINCE2 2017 - What is Changing

  •    20 November

  •   By : Rajni kumari

Why is PRINCE2 changing?

PRINCE2 is the most popular project management methodology used by professionals globally. It has been proven to be flexible and resilient, providing guidance for organisations across a range of industries to successfully initiate, manage and complete a project. However, in January 2017, AXELOS announced a number of alterations that are set to be made in July of this year. This will be the first update of PRINCE2 since 2009.

Techniques which are used to successfully manage projects are constantly shifting and evolving, and so it is crucial that methodologies which are taught continue to change with the times. Consequently, the PRINCE2 2017 update aims to proficiently modernise the methodology, so that the latest best practice concepts which have crept into the world of project management are included.

AXELOS acknowledges that change is inevitable and continuously monitors feedback on a global scale. This was demonstrated in January when they released their Future Project Management Professional report which revealed the result of a survey in which a variety of professional project managers participated. Most participants believed that change in professional projects is likely to occur in the future. With this in mind, it makes sense that PRINCE2 methodologies are updated regularly.

What will the PRINCE2 2017 Update Involve?

The update does not alter the PRINCE2 methodology markedly, but what is important is that the PRINCE2 training course syllabus and examinations will be revised to put more emphasis on practically applying the methodology. This will make it easier for project management professionals to tailor and apply the techniques to specific projects.

Another significant change is that PRINCE2 2017 connects more clearly with alternative project management approaches, such as Agile. This will mean that the PRINCE2 methodologies can be better applied to more complex projects.

Modifications have been made to both the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams. The Foundation exam will be shorter, with the number of questions falling from 75 to 60. The pass mark has been increased from 50% to 55% and there will be less negative questions. In terms of the topics that will be tested, there will be an increased number of questions which focus on the Seven Themes and adapting the methodology to a specific project. In terms of the Practitioner exam, this will become directed more heavily on the Principles of PRINCE2 and less will be asked about management products.

How will the PRINCE2 2017 Update Impact Me?

The PRINCE2 2017 update will not adversely impact anyone looking to achieve a PRINCE2 certification or any individual who has already earned one. Up until the end of 2017, after the release of the PRINCE2 update, both the 2009 and 2017 versions will be available to trainees and a choice can be made by businesses or individuals as to which version to use. This will give businesses the opportunity to complete outstanding training across the changeover period. Furthermore, the validity of current certifications will remain unaffected.

Some prospective trainees may be concerned that the difficulty of the exams will increase. Although there will changes to the number of questions on each exam and how they will be marked, the difficulty has not been altered.

Overall, the PRINCE2 2017 update will refresh this widely held framework and provide individuals with the opportunity to learn the very latest approach to project management.