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How to become the perfect project manager

  •    20 November

  •   By : Rajni kumari

Project management is a highly credited position in the business world which allows an individual to lead a group of employees to ensure a successful and efficient project whatever the circumstance. Project management is required in many aspects of a business environment and despite the vast and different array of projects a project manager may lead, they all are required to have the same skills and level of understanding for their work and the work of the project. These are four qualities that will ensure you take the right steps to becoming a Perfect project manager.

 The first quality is leadership. Although this is potentially an obvious one, it is also one of the most important. You should learn how to adapt to the task at hand and decipher potential problems that could occur while undertaking the task. Your employees are relying on you to lead them and allocate those jobs and mini projects, so you need to be on the ball at all times. Think ahead and always use your initiative!

Secondly, you need motivation, both in the sense of having motivating yourself to get the job done, and having the ability to motivate your team members. Working closely with your team, you’ll need to strike the right balance between assertiveness and approachability. Give your staff realistic goals to encourage them to complete tasks efficiently and on time. Remember you are only as great as your weakest link.

 Another important quality is open-mindedness. Be open minded and listen to your colleagues’ views and opinions on the project; you never know you might learn a thing or two! Diverse opinions can create a great and substantial whole, and just because you are leading them, doesn’t mean to say that your colleagues do not have brains themselves.

The final quality of a perfect project manager is the ability to remain calm under pressure. With any project, it is inevitable that things will happen that you did not plan for, because no matter how experienced they are, a project manager cannot anticipate everything. When an unexpected event in the project process occurs, there’s no doubt that it can be stressful. The best project managers will embrace this change as something new to learn; a mere bump on the road to a project delivered on time and within budget.

Project management qualifications such as the PRINCE2 Courses can help you develop to become a successful project manager. The topic can seem fairly self-explanatory but in the project environment, it is those who have mastered these skills that will succeed. So work on them and you too can become a project management success story.