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Web design courses are designed for professionals who want to achieve knowledge and skills required to design responsive web pages from scratch using different methods and techniques. These techniques may include XHTML, JavaScript, CSS or some other software such as Dreamweaver. During training, the delegates will gain a thorough understanding of using various web designing software. The delegates will learn how to build HTML websites for themselves or for their organisation.

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Topic Overview

Datrix introduces Web Design courses that allow delegates to understand various layouts that can be used in designing websites effectively. The delegates will learn how to style different sections and controls on the website. They will also get familiar with the terms and techniques used in web designing. During the training program, they will develop a sample website to implement all the learnt concepts and tools practically. Additionally, they will be able to make their website responsive that is it will work properly on every screen irrespective of its size.

The users, designers, developers and businesses can take benefits of responsive web design in the following ways:

Enhanced Mobile Traffic: It is observed that more than half of traffic to top websites came from the mobile devices. Therefore, it is essential that the websites work properly on the smaller screens so that the users don’t encounter any issues.

Lower Maintenance Requirements: Maintaining a separate mobile website is a long process as it requires separate testing and support. On the other hand, the responsive websites use standardised methodologies which ensures optimal layout on the screen of every size.  

Faster Web pages: One should ensure that their responsive websites are using latest performance techniques so that they can improve the loading speed of their website. According to study, the user tends to abandon web pages that take more than three to four seconds to finish loading.

Enhanced SEO: The responsive web design is as important as the quality content for SEO.

Enhanced Online Browsing Experience: Either the user is visiting the site from their desktop or from their smartphone, the first impression is the foremost thing. If the user doesn’t have good experience on the first visit, they will give up and will try another website.

Why choose Datrix Training?

We at Datrix Training aim to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to master the concept of Web designing.  We have highly experienced and certified trainers, who help the delegates in understanding the concepts and terminologies involved in designing web applications. The course enables the delegates to build web pages effectively. Moreover, they will be able to understand how to make a responsive website so that it can work properly on every screen. Datrix training programs are delivered in various modes including classroom, online and onsite training courses.


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