Course Introduction

The video for the web course is intended to enable delegates to make excellent videos and use it as a tool for marketing. Learn to create highly shareable content that will promote the interaction. Learn to overcome your camera fear, understand what type of content people like and share, techniques to trigger them for sharing the content and production aspects.

Along with this learn about SEO of video, setting youtube channel, seeding videos, interacting with the audience and much more. Using video connect with your followers and customers in a compelling way rather than any other marketing method. Our well-experienced instructors during this course will help you to do everything in a right way and connect with business efficiently. Get more sales and build healthy relationships with customers.


What's Included

Find out what's included in the training programme.

Course Content


  • Importance of video in marketing
  • How to get most out of video
  • Create marketing strategy for the video
  • Set goals
  • Integrate video with marketing strategy

About youtube

  • How to make youtube work for yourself
  • How to make video successful for your business
  • Overcome camera fear
  • Create engaging videos that people will share
  • Make use of creative call to actions in videos

Creating best content video

  • Create video for social media
  • Find topics that are trending
  • Create videos of high quality
  • Take advantage of calendar events
  • Leverage celebrities in video
  • Leverage experts in fields in video
  • Learn to cover Red carpet event
  • Interviewing tricks and tips

Equipment and techniques of production

  • Equipment options for production
  • Post-production recommendations and options
  • Set Design ideas
  • Set design tips
  • When to use green screen
  • How to use green screen correctly
  • Plan shoot for quick editing
  • Video lightning
  • Improve videos with editing techniques
  • Create better engaging screencast videos

Publish, promote and track success of video

  • Best export settings for mobile and web devices
  • Best video host
  • Video SEO- Do it from start
  • Optimise video on own website
  • Blog outreach
  • Leverage social influencers
  • Promote video on social media platforms
  • Interact with audience
  • Use video analytics

Leverage youtube

  • Overview and set goals for youtube
  • Setup channel efficiently
  • Upload and publish video correctly
  • Create best video thumbnails
  • Use annotations
  • Create video bumpers
  • Video responses
  • Video comments, likes and feeds
  • Take viewers from video to own website
  • Youtube content promotion techniques



Delivery Methods


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What will you learn in this Course?

  • Learn what type of content people mostly share
  • Best way to make use of youtube
  • Make videos on the topics on which customers are searching
  • Turn your viewers into action takers
  • Learn search engine optimisation for video
  • Get people influence your videos
  • Export settings to other devices
  • Right equipment for making videos
  • Create best quality thumbnails
  • Best ideas for video formatting
  • Build better relationships with your followers

Who should Attend this Course?

This course is suitable for below-mentioned delegates:

  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Personalities
  • Marketers

What are the Pre-Reuisites for this Video for the Web Course?

This course has no prerequisites.