Course Introduction

Microsoft Publisher is a graphic design program developed by Microsoft. This course enables the delegates to create professional documents, marketing materials and Web pages. During the course, delegates will be able to create text boxes, format text, shapes and pictures, navigate multi-page publications, use ruler guidelines and insert headers and footers by using Microsoft Publisher.

MS Publisher is a Microsoft application which serves as a layout software used to create documents for publishing. The delegates can create quality results for the email newsletters, regular newsletters, greeting cards, postcards and brochures. The course prepares the candidate with the useful tips and tricks for managing the pictures, adding shapes which is used to enhance their publication. After, completion of the course, the delegates will be able to create bullet and number lists, apply styles and work with the create drawings, and share a publication in a different ways.


What's Included

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Course Content

The course covers the following topics:

 Getting Started

  • Setting up a New Publication
  • Opening and Closing a Publication
  • Publications with more than one page
  • Use a Template
  • The Publisher Window
  • Use of the Zoom Tool
  • Printing
  • Save a Publication

Create a New Publication

  • The publisher Desktop
  • Navigate around the Publication
  • The Save Remainder

Work with the Publication

  • Adding content in the publication
  • Add or delete pages
  • How to move or size the objects
  • Working with the background of Publication
  • Delete the Objects
  • Modification of the page setup

Working with the Blank Page

  • Opening of the Blank Publication
  • Layout and Ruler Guides
  • The Snap Command
  • Working with the Object

Working with Graphics in a Publication

  • Addition of Graphics to the Publications
  • Modify the appearance of Pictures

Working with the Text Frames

  • Manipulating and adding Text Settings
  • Search and Replace
  • Bullet Points and Numbering
  • Fonts and Other Text Effects
  • Import Text and Alignment
  • Moving, Copying and Deleting Text
  • Connecting and Disconnecting the frames


  • Modify the Printer Setup
  • Printing

Innovative Techniques of Text

  • Arrangements of Painting
  • Styles
  • Addition of decorated backgrounds
  • Fancy First Letters
  • Changing the defaults for Text frames
  • Working with the Special Types
  • Controlling the defaults for text frames
  • Control of Line and Character spaces

Special Effects

  • Borders Art
  • How to insert, resize, patterns and Gradients

Addition of Visuals

  • The Clip Art Gallery
  • Moving and Sizing of Images
  • Insert a picture frame
  • Cropping of the Picture

Techniques of Advanced Layout

  • Working with the Ruler
  • Working with the Ruler and Layout Guides
  • Layering of the Objects
  • Nudging and Grouping of Objects
  • Alignment of the Objects

Word Art

  • Create a Word Art and Change of Text Format
  • Shaping Options, Character Spacing and Special Effects
  • Editing a Word Art Object

Addition of contents to the Publication

  • Insert the image placeholders to the Publication
  • Add pages to the Publication
  • Add Text to a Publication
  • Manage the Display of content in Text Boxes
  • Use of Building Blocks to the Publication

The Design Gallery

  • Insert a Design Gallery Object
  • Replace the Selected Objects
  • Applying Attributes from the Design Gallery Objects
  • Customising the Design Gallery

Management of Text in a Publication

  • Edit the Text in a Publication
  • Work with Tables
  • Insert Symbols and Special Characters

Preparation of the Publication for Sharing and Printing

  • Check design Publication
  • Save a Publication in different formats
  • Print a Publication
  • Sharing of the Publication




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What will be provided in the course?

The delegates will be provided with The Datrix courseware folder, Pre/Post Course Email Support, Refreshments and Certificate.

At what time should I reach at the venue?

As the training starts at 9 a.m so delegates are requested to come by 8.45a.m at the venue

How experienced are the instructors at Datrix?

The instructors at Datrix are certified and highly experienced.

Where can I find more information about your courses?

To know more about our courses send us an e-mail on or contact us on 0800 781 0626.