Course Introduction

The Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass course is designed to provide essential knowledge and skills required to create professional presentations that can easily be shared on the web. It is an excellent tool for presenting any information professionally and creatively. The one day course enables the delegates to use its vast array of features for converting simple slides into professional presentations. During the course, the delegates will explore the new features of PowerPoint, format and organise PowerPoint slides, add multimedia and SmartArt presentations, insert audio visual components to presentations and integrate with Microsoft Office files.

Our Microsoft Certified instructors help the delegates in creating memorable PowerPoint presentations for delivering the message or information by using text, graphics and animations. After the completion of the course, the delegates will be fully versed in creating advanced slideshows with advanced content, inserting soundtracks, using links into slides and much more.


What's Included

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Course Content

Introduction to PowerPoint Presentation

  • What is Microsoft PowerPoint?
  • Start PowerPoint
  • Create a Presentation
  • Save a Document
  • Import a File
  • The Status Bar
  • Close a Presentation

Work with Presentations

  • Open multiple Presentations
  • Understand Presentation views
  • Change Presentation views
  • Switch between open Presentations
  • Navigate a Presentation

Introduction to Format Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

  • Select a Slide Layout
  • Add Text
  • Add Text from a Text File or Word Outline
  • Edit Text
  • Format Text
  • Format Text as WordArt
  • Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Format Text Placeholders
  • Add Slides to a Presentation
  • Arrange Slides

Introduction to Backstage View (The File Menu)

  • Overview of the Backstage View
  • Open a Presentation
  • New Presentation and Presentation Templates
  • Presentation Properties
  • Adding Your Name to a Microsoft PowerPoint

Work with Images

  • Add Images to a Slide
  • Insert a Picture
  • Insert Clip Art
  • Capture and Insert a Snapshot
  • Edit an Image
  • Format Images
  • Apply a Style and Crop an Image
  • Group and Ungroup Images
  • Arrange Images
  • Add Shapes

Work with Tables and Charts

  • Insert a Table
  • Format Tables
  • Import Tables from External Sources
  • Insert a Chart
  • Format a Chart
  • Import Charts from External Sources

Work with SmartArt

  • What is SmartArt?
  • Insert a SmartArt Graphic
  • Insert Text into SmartArt
  • Add Shapes
  • Promoting and Demoting Shapes
  • Resize or Reposition SmartArt
  • Apply a Color Scheme
  • Apply a SmartArt Style

Apply Transition and Animation Effects

  • Use a Transition Effect
  • Modify a Transition Effect
  • Use an Animation Effect
  • Edit Animation Effects
  • Use Transition and Animation Effects Review

Set up the Slide Show

  • Setup a Custom Show
  • Create a Hyperlink
  • Add an Action Button
  • Use Rehearse timings
  • Make a presenter-independent slideshow
  • Navigate within a slideshow
  • Annotating a Presentation

Share and Secure a presentation

  • Share a Presentation with a remote audience
  • Embed the fonts
  • Inspect the Presentation
  • Package a Presentation for CD
  • PowerPoint viewer
  • Encryption of Presentation
  • Add a Digital Signature
  • Make a Presentation as final
  • Granting permissions
  • Compressing pictures
  • Send Presentation in PDF format

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What is the duration of Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass course?

The MS PowerPoint Masterclass course is of 1 day.

What are the prerequisites for attending the MS PowerPoint Masterclass course?

The Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass course has no official prerequisites. Hence, anyone can attend the course. However, the experience of using the Windows Operating System would be beneficial.

Who should attend the PowerPoint training course?

The Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass course is intended for individuals who want to gain knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint for creating professional PowerPoint presentations.

What time shall I arrive at the venue?

Please arrive the venue at 8:45 am as our training sessions are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How can I get more information about Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass?

Please send us an e-mail on or contact us on 0800 781 0626 for more information.