Course Introduction

Microsoft Access is a database creation and management program that allows the users to manage, capture and report data in a professional way. The Access Masterclass training course provides essential knowledge required to create and design databases, query tables and create forms and reports to achieve the desired results. The course introduces delegates to the various database terminology, components, concepts and basic to advanced features of Access. The course enables the delegates to create and design Access databases, manage and design interfaces with Access Forms, work with Access tables and relationships and automate tasks with Macros and VBA.

Build a strong foundation in Microsoft Access and navigate Access databases with our Microsoft Access Masterclass training course. During the one day Masterclass course, the delegates will learn how to navigate the Access interface, how to create database fields and tables, import data from Excel, use numeric and indexed fields including Quick Access Toolbar, Ribbon and Backstage View.


What's Included

Find out what's included in the training programme.

Course Content

Understand User Interface

  • Access Ribbon
    • Overview of FILE
    • Save a Database as a Template
    • HOME
    • Learn CREATE
    • Understand DATABASE TOOLS
    • Contextual Tabs
  • Quick Access Toolbar
    • Define Tables
    • Queries
    • Forms
    • Reports
    • Macros and Modules

Object Navigation Pane

  • Work Surface
  • Access Options Dialog Box
  • Object Overview
    • Build a Database using Wizard
    • Process Overview


  • Basic queries
    • Purpose and users of the database
    • Kind of output we need
  • Methods to Database Design
    • Top-Down
    • Bottom-Up
  • Collect Information
    • Data Mapping
    • Sample Data Map
  • Normalization
    • 1st NF
    • 2nd NF
    • 3rd NF
  • Naming Conventions
  • Table Relationships
    • Different types of Relationships
  • Normalizing Data

Handling Queries

  • Building Simple Queries
  • Sorting and Filtering of Data in a Query
  • Performing Calculations
  • Learn Dynaset
  • Enter Criteria: Exact Match and Range Operators
  • Understand difference between AND versus OR
  • Use of Wild Cards
  • Learn about use Keywords
  • Sort and Hide Fields
  • Create Multi-Table Queries
  • Additional Tips

Handle Forms

  • Build Basic Access Forms
  • Work with Data on Access Forms

Generate Reports

  • Build a Report
  • Add Controls to a Report
  • Improve an Appearance of a Report
  • Preparing a Report for Print
  • Organise Report Information
  • Format Reports


  • Building an Access Database
  • Build a New Database
  • Different Data Types
  • Determine Data Types
  • Create a Table in Design View
    • Deleting a Field
    • Renaming of a Table
  • Create a Table in Design View


  • Forms
    • Definition and Purpose
    • Views
  • Alter a Form
  • Add Data Records in Form View
  • Form Record Navigation
  • View of layout
  • Designing of a View
  • One-Click Forms
    • Primary Data Entry Form
    • Primary Multi-Record Form
    • Datasheet Form
    • Split Form
  • Form Wizard
    • Create a Form with the Form Wizard


  • Overview of Reports
    • Define
    • Use
    • Views
    • One-Click Report
  • Reporting Wizard
    • Build a Report using the Report Wizard


  • Macro Basics
    • Opening a Table, Form, and Report
    • Run a Query
    • Print a Report
  • Run a Macro
  • Create Simple Macros

Organising a Database for Efficiency

  • Data Normalization
  • Create a Junction Table
  • Improve Table Structure

Delivery Methods

Course Schedule

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Sheffield from £3294
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What are the prerequisites for attending the Access training course?

The Microsoft Access Masterclass course has no pre-requirements. However, basic knowledge of working with Windows 10 and computer would be useful.   

Who should attend the course?

The MS Access course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their skillset in organising data using Microsoft Access.

What will you learn during Microsoft Access Masterclass training?

  • Automate repetitive tasks using Macros
  • Organise and assemble an effective database
  • Link data to Excel sheets for distribution
  • Learn how Access work with other Microsoft Office programs

What time shall I arrive at the venue?

Please arrive the venue at 8:45 am as our training sessions are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How can I get more information about Microsoft Visio Masterclass?

Please send us an e-mail on or contact us on 0800 781 0626 for more information.