Course Introduction

The Praxis Framework™ Foundation course provides a thorough understanding of Praxis Framework™ concepts, applicable in both project and programme environments. The course introduces delegates to the key elements of the Praxis Framework™ and the processes and documentation used to manage lifecycle phases. The Praxis Framework™ Foundation course is a pre-requirement for the Practitioner certification. During the course, the delegates will learn the characteristics and framework of a project and programme, purpose of the Praxis Framework™ and the benefits of the effective project and programme management.

The Praxis Framework™ Foundation Course, delivered by The Knowledge Academy, is accredited by APMG.


What's Included

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Course Content

Praxis Framework™ is an integrated framework for the management of projects and programmes in any environment and also allows the organisations to insert their own templates and content into any project or programme environment. This framework empowers you to deliver projects and programmes successfully using an innovative framework and undertake continual professional development whenever needed. The Foundation qualification helps the delegates to work effectively as part of any project management team. The Praxis Framework™ Foundation course is ideal for anyone who wants to gain the knowledge to become a modern-day project and programme manager.

Praxis Framework™ Foundation Exam

The Praxis Framework™ Foundation exam tests the knowledge of the delegates that demonstrate proficiency in Project and Programme Management.  The exam must be completed online, and delegates need to register the exam 30 days after the completion of the classroom training course.

  • Total 75 Questions
  • Closed Book Exam
  • Duration 1 Hour
  • 50% Pass mark

The Praxis Framework™

  • Overview of Praxis Framework™
  • History of Praxis Framework™
  • Explain Projects, Programmes and Portfolios
  • The Process Model
  • Lifecycles
    •  Context
      • Governance
      • Complexity
      • Practices
    • Management
      • Interpersonal Skills
      • Delivery
    • Integrative Management
    • Scope Management
    • Schedule Management
    • Financial Management
    • Risk Management
    • Resource Management


  • Process Competencies
    • Identify a Project or Programme
    • Sponsor a Project or Programme
    • Define a Project or Programme
    • Deliver a Project or Programme
    • Close a Project or Programme
  • Management Competencies
    • Delivery Competencies
    • Managing Scope
    • Managing Finance
    • Managing Resources
    • Interpersonal Abilities


  • Process Models
    • Project and Programme Processes
    • Delivery Processes
    • Portfolio Processes
  • Documentation
    • Management Plans
    • Scope Documents
    • Delivery Documents

Capability Maturity

  • Capability
    • Scope Management
    • Financial Management
    • Resource Management
  • Maturity
    • Maturity Levels 2 and 3
  • Delivery Processes

Delivery Methods


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What are the Pre-requisites of this course?

There are no formal prerequisites for attending the Praxis Framework™ Foundation course. However, some working experience of project or programme environment would be useful.

Who can attend this course?

  • Project team members who want to become managers
  • Current or aspiring Project or Programme Managers
  • Individuals who want to start their career in project or programme management
  • Individuals who are involved in the design and delivery of projects and programmes including Project and Programme Board members, Team Managers, operational line managers, Business Change Managers and sponsors

What will you learn in this course?

  • Understand the importance of interpersonal skills in the project and programme environment
  • Identify the roles and processes used to manage project and programme lifecycle phases
  • Understand the differences between Praxis and other frameworks such as MSP®, PRINCE2®

What time shall i arrive at the vanue?

Please arrive at the venue for 08:45am.

How can i find more information?

If you would like to know any more information about our courses, please contact us on 0800 781 0626 or send us an e-mail on