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The Praxis Framework™ Training provides a strong foundation for the management of portfolios, projects and programmes. It comprises knowledge about capability maturity model, methodology and competency framework in a single integrated framework. The Praxis Framework™ Training enables the delegates to use the Praxis Framework™ for optimally utilising all aspects of project, portfolio and programme. It provides a comprehensive approach for combining the four pillars of project delivery- Method Capability, Knowledge and Competency. During the course, the delegates will learn how to perform as a highly responsive project manager, maintain an effective project delivery infrastructure and implement framework at any stage of delivery.

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The Praxis Framework™ Bridging course is designed to provide knowledge regarding practical implementation of Praxis Framework™. This course comprises revision of concepts of Praxis Framework™ Fou...

The Praxis Framework™ Foundation course provides a thorough understanding of Praxis Framework™ concepts, applicable in both project and programme environments. The course introduces delegates to...

The Praxis Framework™ Practitioner course provides delegates with the knowledge and skills required to tailor and apply the Praxis Framework™ management functions and processes in a scenario base...

The community-driven Praxis Framework™ enables the delegates to fully optimise all aspects of project, programme and portfolio delivery. It is a comprehensive framework that combines projects and...

Topic Overview

What are the benefits of taking Praxis Framework™ Training?

The Praxis Framework™ is an integrated and community-driven approach designed to support portfolio, programme and project management. It is available online, and any organisation can use the framework with its templates and processes. The course provides essential knowledge required for effective project management within a single framework. At the completion of the course, the delegates will be able to achieve optimal results by applying the Praxis Framework™ to projects and programmes and work effectively as part of any project management team.

Who is Praxis Framework™ Training for?

The training program is specifically intended for practising project and programme managers, project office personnel and business change managers. The team members who wish to become project or programme managers can also take this course.

What are the prerequisites for attending the Praxis Framework™ Training?

There are no official pre-requirements for attending the course. However, some working experience of project or programme environment would be beneficial.

Which courses are included in Praxis Framework™ Training?

  1. Praxis Framework™ Bridging: The three-day course equips the delegates with the knowledge of Project and Programme processes of Praxis Framework™ and also teaches how to implement Praxis management functions to achieve the desired output.
  2. Praxis Foundation and Practitioner: During the five-day course, the delegates will learn the four pillars of project delivery: Competency, Knowledge, Capability and Method.
  3. Praxis Foundation: The course enables the delegates to work as part of project or programme management team effectively. This three-day course acts a prerequisite qualification for Practitioner course.
  4. Praxis Practitioner: The two-day course builds on the knowledge gained at Foundation level and enables you to apply the comprehensive Praxis Framework™ to the organisation’s projects.

What are the key areas of Praxis Framework™?

  • Project and portfolio environment
  • Interpersonal skills required in a project and portfolio environment
  • Project and programme management functions
  • Manage project lifecycle phases by understanding roles and processes

How can I find out more information about the Praxis Framework™ Training Courses?

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