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MSP® Practitioner Upgrade


Programme management is rapidly increasing within businesses making this qualification one of the highly sought after qualifications in the programming sector.

MSP® Practitioner Upgrade (Managing Successful Programmes) is an extended qualification following on from the MSP® Foundation Training course here at Datrix Training. The MSP® training course mainly focuses on the practical appliance of the skills learnt in the MSP® Foundation Training. Using the principles, theories and themes of MSP®, MSP® Practitioner Upgrade applies these to occurring scenarios in a workplace.

Candidates looking to complete this course and become an advocate of the PeopleCert accredited qualification must have completed the MSP® Foundation examination prior to this course.

Understanding how to practically apply these concepts to real-life scenarios is extremely beneficial to candidates. Pursuing this qualification means applying these principles to your own projects, by showing how to adapt themes and concepts to a variety of scenarios makes your own personal adaptations easier. MSP® Practitioner Methodology appreciates the differences of organisations and balances this with universal similarities.


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Being a respectable candidate for this qualification requires being able to manage, contribute, advice and support others within the programme management project. Adapting to all of these skills in different circumstances shows your ability and understanding of the government themes, principles and transformation flow throughout MSP® Practitioner.

There are many benefits from the MSP® course, the ability to manage potential risks that come with an organisation and ensure that change is accepted by the programme.Breaking down the complex structure that is MSP® into smaller projects increases efficiency and focus on every aspect of the project.

 Datrix Training offers different formats to complete the MSP® Practitioner Training Course.

MSP® Practitioner Online Training is aimed at candidates with a busy lifestyle that doesn’t fit in with the scheduling of our MSP® Practitioner courses. Maybe this MSP® Practitioner qualification is an addition to your former work. Our 10 hour MSP® certification is available 24/7 for over 90 days, injecting flexibility into your learning here at Datrix Training. Taking an MSP® Practitioner Online Training course at Datrix Training makes your experience marginally cheaper due to the absence of travelling.

Completing an intense MSP® Practitioner course in the comfort of your own home increased productivity through eliminating the pressure and stress that may occur when the syllabus is condensed into 3 days. Despite the inability of personal contact with our experienced MSP® Practitioner trainers, we always have an alternative here at Datrix Training.We have a support suite that is available 24/7, providing support from all sectors. Administrative, technical and tutoring support is all available in our support suite. You can also communicate with other students online through our discussion suite. This suite connects students on the same course with the incentive to share and discuss what they have learnt and ask questions about the MSP® Practitioner course.

Our online MSP® Practitioner training classes are engaging and interactive to benefit our clients whilst providing them with a comfortable alternative.

One of the most sought after options is MSP® Practitioner classroom training here at Datrix Training. Providing candidates with the ability to interact with other candidates, MSP® Practitioner classroom training is an involving and engaging format for learning. As well as being taught by trainers with over 10 years of experience who specialise in MSP® Practitioner maximises efficiency. Communicating with other candidates allows the flow of ideas and understanding when explanations can be made and new perspectives are learnt.

The Practitioner exam is to be completed at a mutually convenient date (please see the below details for further information).

Online Exam:

The week prior to the course you will receive an email from our exam bookings team inviting you to request your online exam voucher.

The benefits of Online Exams are:

  • Rather than having to be out of the office for a paper exam, once you have received your exam voucher you can arrange directly with the accrediting body for a time that suits you
  • It allows you to complete all revision activities at your own pace to help you prepare for your exam to maximise your passing potential
  • It allows you to revise further before taking the exam
  • Exam results are issued much quicker than the paper based format


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What's Included

Find out what's included in the training programme.

Course Content

The Datrix Training MSP® Practitioner course covers the following subjects within Managing Successful Programmes:

  • Principles of MSP®.
  • Governance Theme.
  • Organisation.
  • Vision.
  • Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Benefits Realisation Management.
  • Blueprint design and delivery.
  • Planning and Control.
  • The Business Case.
  • Risk management and issue resolution.
  • Quality management.
  • Transformational Flow Overview.
  • Identifying a Programme.
  • Defining a Programme.
  • Managing the Tranches.
  • Delivering the Capability.
  • Realising the Benefits.
  • Closing a programme.
  • Tailoring MSP® to the programme environment.

Delivery Methods


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What are the exam details for this MSP Training course?

The Practitioner Exam is a multiple choice exam with a passing grade of 40/80 or 50% again, under the same conditions as the Foundation exam. MSP® Practitioner status should be re-registered every 3 to 5 years via the MSP® re-registration examination.


What are the prerequisites for the MSP Training exam?

Following booking approval, pre-course materials will be sent to the candidate and certain features will need to be completed. Firstly, the Introduction, Principles and the Introduction to Themes sections of the course must be read and understood, secondly a pre-course workbook is to be completed and handed to the trainer on the first day of the course.


The pre-course work is designed to take approximately 15 hours of independent study previous to the start date.


There are no prerequisites to take the course, however in order to take the Practitioner Exam candidates must attain a passing grade in the Foundation Exam.

What is the experience of the instructor(s) delivering the MSP training course?

All of our instructors at Datrix are accredited and have over ten years of experience worldwide.

What time shall I arrive at the venue?

Please arrive at the venue for 08:45am.

How can I find more information?

If you would like to know any more information about our courses, please contact us on 0800 781 0626 or send us an e-mail on

What are the benefits of taking this course?

Some of the benefits for taking this course include:

  • Enable more effective delivery of change

  • Keep the focus on the business change objectives

  • Provide a framework for senior management to direct the change process

  • Encourage more efficient use of resources through project prioritisation and integration

  • Provide better management of risk because the wider context is understood

  • Achieve business benefits during and after the programme through a formal process

  • Improve control of costs, standards and quality

  • Enable more effective management of the Business Case

  • Provide more efficient control of a complex range of activities

  • Provide clear definition of roles and responsibilities

  • Deliver a smooth transition from current to future business operation