Course Introduction

MSP® Training (Managing Successful Programmes), is a methodology accommodating a specific set of process and principles which apply to managing a programme. These MSP® courses are of a flexible format which means that they can be applied to a variety of scenarios and adapted to person and project centred circumstances within the MSP® certification.                                

Programming is composed of a variety of different MSP® Training projects which all uniquely contribute to the structure of successful programme management. MSP® course framework is centred on three core concepts which are:

MSP® Principles - These have been extracted from successes and failures of previous programme management projects. Identifying common occurrences within a managing programme increases efficiency in future projects.

MSP® Government - The factors that come under this title are a clear insight on different organisations approach to the management of programming. These factors determine the suitable structures, teams and controls to ensure the greatest chance for success.

MSP® Transformational Flow - A transformational flow allows the organisation to plan an effective route through the programming lifecycle.


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What's Included

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