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The Portfolio Management course helps the organisation to achieve a higher return on investment and positively contributes to work strategy towards strategic objectives. The course provides a thorough understanding of the portfolio management, its benefits to an organisation and principles upon which it is based. The Portfolio management is mainly focused on the key issues from a strategic viewpoint rather than going into the detailed management of projects and programs. The Management of Portfolio course enables the delegates to manage recourse more effectively, achieve the higher return on the total investment, improve stakeholder’s engagement and remove duplicate project and programs.

Here at Datrix Training, we are committed to promoting a wide range of courses, at a great price. We also offer a range of training methods, which can suite a range of needs.

The MoP® Foundation course introduces delegates to all change activities including what is included in the portfolio, what is the impact of MoP® on business as usual and organisation’s strategic...

The MoP® Practitioner Upgrade training course is provided by Datrix Training where the delegates will be taught by one of our experienced instructors. The MOP® Practitioner training provides set...

The five day MoP® Foundation & Practitioner course provides an overview of the portfolio management cycles, techniques and practices, approaches to implementing portfolio management and assessing...

Topic Overview

The Management of Portfolio training equips the delegates with the essential knowledge and skills required to attain the effective balance of organisational change and business as usual by applying situate techniques, principles and practices. The course teaches the delegates how to apply MoP® in the specific department or management function of any organisation successfully including IT Portfolio. The delegates will learn the principles upon which portfolio management is based, the scope of key portfolio management roles, scope and nature of portfolio management and purposes of the portfolio management definition and delivery cycles.

Various Portfolio Management courses are:

  • Management of Portfolios MoP® Foundation
  • Management of Portfolios MoP® Practitioner Upgrade
  • Management of Portfolios MoP® Foundation and Practitioner

MoP® Benefits for individuals

  • Delegates also learn how to improve communication and engagement between senior management and stakeholders
  • With the help of training delegates also understand how to offer more informed resource distribution, improvement in delivery and better profits
  • The training introduces the delegates to arrange programmes as per their priority and projects regarding their involvement to the organisation’s strategic objectives and also understand overall level of risk
  • The training enables the delegates to provide higher efficiency in the delivery of variation initiatives through improvement in resource planning, reliance management and the streamlined procedures

MoP® Benefits for the organisation

  • Remove redundant, duplicate and poorly performing programmes and projects
  • Improve coordination of existing processes and functions
  • Enhance transparency, corporate governance and accountability
  • Investment in projects and programmes, improve the management of risk as well as encourage cooperative working
  • Utilise resources in an efficient manner

Why choose Datrix training?

The Management of Portfolio training helps the delegates in enquiring the essential knowledge and skills with a better standard of satisfaction. Datrix Training programs are delivered in several modes such as classroom, online and onsite training courses. The experienced and well-certified trainers of Datrix Training helps the candidates to understand the modern concepts of Management of Portfolio.


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