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The APM PMQ Course enables candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of project management courses and the best practices. The delegates will also be able to understand how the different aspects relate to each other are associated with their project and how their project fits into their commercial/strategic environment during the APMP course. The APMP Training Certification is combined with other project management courses, will open doors for people’s future. APMP® Certificate PMQ Training is provided in over a variety of locations around the globe in order for you to learn the APMP Course in a nearby venue. 

The APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) is a corresponding certificate to other project management courses such as PRINCE2®. The 2-day APM training course is aimed at ambitious project managers an...

APM PMQ Training stands for Association for Project Managers Professional and is a course revolving around project management. APM PMQ Training and other APM courses like it are recognised around...

The professionals who possess the APMP (PMQ), developed by APM, qualification are capable of showing their skills in the area of Project Management. They will be able to show how the organisation...

Topic Overview

What is APMP (APM PMQ) Project Management?

The APMP Certification stands for Association for Project Managers Professional. The trusted qualification is offered by the APM Group and is a global standard for developing and demonstrating competency in proposal management.

The APM certifications help you develop fundamental skills which are required to manage a project successfully. The qualifications have been built through the APM body of knowledge which is recognised internationally by industry professionals.


Why should I take the APMP Certification?

By taking this project management course online, you will be able to show to your employer and clients that you are a dedicated and qualified project professional. Once you have passed the training session, you have the option to register your details to the International Project Management Association (IPMA). This gives you access to further education, blogs from experts and much more so that you can you can raise your profile and keep up to date with the project management training industry.

By passing the accredited APM PMQ qualification, you have the potential to earn up to £40,000 +. The APM Group recently published a salary survey which explains that the average project manager that has an APMP certificate earns the average of £40,000-£49,000 annually. Other results from this show that more than a third of managers who hold an APMP qualification are expected to receive a pay increase over the next 12 months from completion.


Who is APMP Training Course for?

There is no experience required for this qualification. The APM (PMQ) course is targeting for project managers, executives, team leaders or anyone wanting to enhance their skills within project management. If you are interested in furthering your career, then enrolling in an APMP training course online will benefit your opportunities significantly.


What is the APMP Certificate?

The project management certification course lasts for 5 days and is designed to assess your ability in producing projects, programmes and portfolios successfully. This online learning course covers topics such as managing people, project indicators, scope management, organisation, structure and many other subject methods. Learning the best practices in terms of leading a group is the focus of the qualification and being able to manage a team expertly.


Is there an APMP Exam?

During the last day of the training course, there will be an APMP exam. The written examination lasts for three hours and you will have to answer at least ten questions out of the sixteen. Throughout the training, our trusted and experienced instructors will prepare you with everything you need to pass the exam. The instructors have an open line of communication and are happy to answer any of your questions and queries.


Will there be any homework during the APMP Qualification?

There will be some homework to do during the qualification. It is required that you complete this to help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to pass the exam. Completing this homework will assist you in passing the course and will give you confidence that you will be able to sit the exam without any issues. Courses in project management usually require some sort of homework to suitably prepare the candidate.


How can I take the APMP Certification?

There are many ways of taking this project management course. Datrix Training is proud to offer this course in the classroom, onsite and online environments. The choice of environment is dependent on personal preference. This means that you can learn in an environment that you are comfortable with. If you are interested in getting colleagues to sit the exam, a classroom setting may be more appropriate and give the best chance of success.


APMP Online

The E-Learning courses is a very popular training method to take. By taking the APMP project management course online, you will be able to learn the project management qualification techniques in your own home. APM online courses last for 90 days from the date of purchase which gives you plenty of time to be ready to take the exam and pass successfully. 

At Datrix Training, we have popular APMP courses online so you can learn the certification wherever you want and at any time and at a decent price! Once you’ve purchased the training, the APMP courses are available for 90 days so you can get as much time as you want to learn the APMP qualification methodologies. By taking the APMP training courses you are able to learn the fundamentals of the APMP training certification in your very own home, studying at your very own pace and time speed. Online training can be rewarding for you in a number of possible ways. These advantages include: APMP training will be convenient as the web provides online participants with easy and convenient access.

Classes can be offered live or recorded in advance giving participants secure access to the event to learn at their own pace. If you create a series of online presentations that consist of many volumes, you can provide a login access to your participants. This way you don’t overload the website servers by too many people trying to access your presentation at once, such as during a live presentation. Candidates can access the training on their schedule when they have time. This applies to the small business entrepreneur as well as elementary, secondary and postsecondary learning as well; they can be easy and fun as people will enjoy using the internet to learn new things. Listening online is much more comfortable than sitting in a class as it saves money on transportation and doesn’t require the student to dress up or go anywhere to learn. With simple instructions, mostly anyone can access your online presentation.

Just remember to provide a website that can answer some of the more common questions or provide a support desk with email response. Surprisingly, online training can be immediate and cost-effective as law enforcement and other government officials recognise the importance and benefits of using online training. Online training is immediate, cost effective and easily affordable. With all the software tools available including slideshow and screen capture software or programme, therefore, you can upload each of the various segments of the training as individual chapters and they can access it with email response.


APMP Onsite Courses

The onsite training option is predominantly based for businesses who wish to train their staff in groups. Datrix Training can send a highly skilled, friendly and knowledgeable instructor who will be able to come to your company and teach your staff the APMP project management qualification.

As well as providing the courses online, we also offer the courses onsite in some of the amazing facilities all across the country itself. So, if your company is interested booking an APMP training certification, we also provide a specialist onsite training where one of our skilled teachers will be sent to your business. This method will save your business money and will be easier for staff to arrive for training on-time. Our APMP training course is very popular as Datrix Training will send a professional tutor, to teach globally accredited courses. Some possible examples of perks you can get from onsite training may include: it will be a better result as your business team gains specific job skills they do for a particular project, reinforced via hands, on labs to maximise the learning experience; you will have cost controls which means that you have control over costs with pricing based class sizes, duration and complexity; it is also time efficient for the cost of travelling and accommodation are liquidated for every delegate. If you wish to know more information regarding this course, please contact us today on 080 781 0626 or send us a message to info@datrixtraining.com


APMP Classroom Courses

Datrix Training also provides its project management online courses in over 50 stunning venues nationwide. The classroom training option is the most popular with our clients as you get the human interaction with a professional instructor who is able to support you throughout the training session. The venues are located across the UK so that you can save time and money by travelling to a nearby training hub. The classrooms are equipped with the latest equipment to help you pass the APMP exams successfully. Our main venues include;

London - This stunning venue is situated by the River Thames as it looks over Tower Bridge, The Shard and other famous landmarks. You will be able to learn in one of the best learning centres in the world as the modern building is equipped with the latest course materials, expert instructors and a comfortable environment. There have been some very influential and iconic project managers based in London, are you ready to learn APMP Courses London and become one too?

Manchester - Our venue based in Manchester is ideal for anyone living in the North of England. The state of the art venue is very spacious, quiet and has beautiful views which are ideal when learning the APMP project management courses.

Birmingham - Located in the heart of the city of Birmingham is our spectacular training venue. The course centre is perfect for those who are living in the Midlands because they can save money and time from travelling long distances. Are you ready to take the APMP Certification in Birmingham?

 Other venues which are based nationwide include Bristol, Leeds, Bristol, Reading, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Southampton, Dublin, Newcastle and much more.


Professional APMP Training Instructors

Our trainers at Datrix Training have years of experience with the project management methodologies and will be able to support you with anything you need throughout the APMP Course. All of our trainers are approved by Datrix Training and are trusted by all of our clients. 


How can I book an APMP Course Online?

If you would like to take an APM PMQ qualification, please contact us on 0800 781 0626 or send us an email to info@datrixtraining.com. Our helpful and professional staff will be able to answer your questions and book a course for you.



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