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About Worcester

Worcester is a non-metropolitan county, a town in the area of Worcestershire, England. The city is located at the junction point of Birmingham and Gloucester. Being a non-metropolitan district, the population of the city nearly 1 lakh. The River Severn Flows in the town. One of the deadliest as well as last wars was the battle of Worchester. It resulted in the various civil wars in future. Edward Elgar, the famous composer, also belongs to this city. This city started the world oldest newspaper that was famously known as Berrow’s Worcester.


In New Stone age, Roman Ryknild Street was the major trading route. The Romans Empire captured the most of the city area during the 3rd century. The Diglis basin silting process made some part of the region useless. The industrial production of the town also got impacted during this time. The famous church of the region is St. Helen’s. In the year of 1041, there was a rebellion happened for taxation. There was a major shift towards the cloth industry during the medieval era when a huge number of workforce shifted towards this business. This became a hub for that time.

Charles II tried a few time to regain its territory. At that time no one wants to live in this place because of the war zone area. He lost the war and saved his life after escaping to France. There is always struggle in the past to make this city parliamentarian form of the government. At the time of German attack, the city acted as the safest route for the evacuation of the local people and dignitaries. An unpleasant incident happened in the past when the banks of the Severn’s river broked. It resulted in the widespread destruction of the town. The city played a crucial role in the WW II as well. In 2009, the Royal Worcester Company shut down its services. With the use of Old wards infrastructure, the medical museum Infirmary was constructed.


The Conservatives were in no control over the council till 2007. The loss of by-election seat to the Labour party resulted in the no control over the power. But their numbers in the councillors are good. It stands outs to be 17 out of 35. The city development work is looking after by Worcester City Council. The present MP of the city is Robin Walker. The local government acts as a Non-metropolitan council.


The temperature of the mild with mild winters and warm summers throughout the year. The city also faced extreme conditions in the past. The flood is very prone to this region, and it came after every alternate year. The city also experienced with Sub Freezing temperatures in the year of 2009-2010, and also massive snowfall occurred. The city experiences rainfall nearly 650 mm.

Demography and religion

The last population counting did in 2001 when most of the people were white and a large section of the society follows Christianity. They account for 79% people. 21% people do not follow any religion. The other communities’ people are below than 2%. Other minorities group belongs to Chinese, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian. The small group of various religious makes the city a diverse place to live in.


The city has favourable conditions for many light industries. The development work got pace in the 18th century during the era of the Industrial Revolution. The glove industry is an exemplary example among other industries. The other major business is shopping Centres, Sauce Industry and machine tools that are doing well in the state. The city transportation system is also good.


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