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About Portsmouth

About Portsmouth

Portsmouth is considered to be the only island city in the United Kingdom. It is situated on Portsea Island, 31 km south-east of Southampton and 110 km of south-west of London. The town has a total population of 205,400 according to the census of 2011. Portsmouth is considered as the thickly populated city in the England. It has become the only city whose density population is more than London city. Portsmouth is the unitary authority and historic county of the Hampshire. Portsmouth is a vital naval port for centuries has the dry dock that is considered to be oldest in the world. It was recognised as the most heavily fortified city by the early 19th century. It was considered as the world's most significant naval port.

The south-western part of the peninsula is occupied by Portsmouth’s Royal Dockyard and naval base. This city is the world's best-known ports. HMNB Portsmouth is the hometown of the Royal Navy. The city is also a hometown to HMS Warrior, HMS Victory and the Tudor carrack Mary Rose; these all are the famous ships. HMS Victory is the traditional naval ship.


The city has a public university naming the University of Portsmouth. In 2016, it has nearly around 20,000 students. In April 2015, University of Portsmouth was ranked among the top 100 modern universities. The city has Highbury College rendering vocational education and Portsmouth College offering academic courses to students.

There are various independent schools. Portsmouth Grammar School is the oldest school founded by the Mayor of Portsmouth in the year 1732. This school has been recognised as the best private schools in the country. In 2013, Portsmouth High School was ranked as one of the top schools for girls in the United Kingdom. Mayville High School established in 1897, and St John’s College is the independent schools in the Portsmouth town.


Portsmouth city is famous for its various tourist’s attractions. Some of them are:

  • Spinnaker Tower – It is 170 m observation tower owned by Portsmouth City Council. It was also known as the name of Millennium Tower. Residents of the Portsmouth city selected the shape of the tower. It hosts various evening events and makes an exquisite venue to hire for weddings and private functions.
  • D- Day Museum – Situated in Southsea, this museum was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth in 1984. Portsmouth Museum Services (a branch of Portsmouth City Council) handles all the working of the museum. The museum has its private restaurants and shops.
  • Southsea Castle – It is an artillery fort constructed in 1544 by Henry VIII. Chaderton Castle, Portsea Castle and South Castle are some of its other names. It was sold in the year 1960 to Portsmouth City Council. In 2011-12, castle attracted more than 90,000 visitors.
  • Portsmouth Cathedral – It is an English cathedral church situated in the centre of old Portsmouth. Church's design is based on the tree of life, an ancient symbol signifying the rejuvenation of life.
  • Mary Rose Museum – Situated at Historic Dockyards in Portsmouth, this museum is dedicated to the Tudor navy warship Mary Rose from 16th century. Established in 1984, Mary Rose Museum is run by the Mary Rose Trust.


The Portsmouth city has a moderate oceanic climate. It receives more sunshine than most of the UK and gets around 645 mm of rain a year. The average maximum temperature in January is 50°F with the average minimum being 41°F whereas in July the average maximum temperature is 72°F and minimum being 59°F. In winter, Portsdown Hill guards the city of Portsmouth against cold northerly winds.

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