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Poole is a wide coastal town located on England’s South coast. Poole is also a seaport in the county of Dorset. This town meets Bournemouth to east and it is 33 kilometers east of Dorchester. Borough of Poole is the local council and in the year 1997, it became a unitary authority. From Dorset County Council, It gained its administrative independence. Estimated population of borough is 158,835 according to the 2016 census and this made it the second largest town in the Dorset.

Before Iron Age, Humans settled in this area. In the 12th century, this town name was used and then this town emerged as a major port which enhanced the wool trade. With North America, Poole had major trade links and with the arrival of 18th century it increased. Poole is also considered as the Britain’s busiest port. During Second World War, Poole was major point for Normandy Landings departure.

Poole is also a tourist resort and it attracts many visitors due to its numerous features. Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) headquarters are located in Poole and base of Royal Marines is in the harbour of the town. Poole is also a home to the Arts University Bournemouth, major part of Bournemouth University and Bournemouth Symphony orchestra.


Poole has near about 11 schools for the infants, seven schools for the juniors, nine secondary schools and ten primary schools, three special schools, five independent schools and one college for further education. Two secondary schools of Poole are grammar schools that has great education system. Largest secondary school in Poole is Poole High Schools with around 1660 students. Over 16000 students annually study at Bournemouth and Poole College and it is one of the largest college for further education in the country. This college is also a leading provider of vocational as well as academic education in Dorset. This college has two main campuses located centrally one in Poole and other in Bournemouth. Out of the other 148 local authorities situated in England, Poole got 18th rank and this ranking was done on the basis of percentage of students achieving atleast five A* to C grades including English and Maths at GCSE level. This ranking was done the results of General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) 2007. Most prestigious secondary school in Poole was Parkstone Grammar School. In this 100% pupils achieved five or more than it GCSE’s including English and Maths at A* to C grade. Canford School got 100% and the other best performing school with 98% is Poole Grammar School. In Rossmore Community College only 19% students got suitable marks and due to this reason, it is considered as the worst school in Poole. Poole High School got 39%. For achieving A-level results Poole Grammar School was also considered best performing school. It is the 60th most prominent school in the country in 2007 as every student achieved good marks.

In the year 1992, Bournemouth University got its university status. Main campus named Talbot Campus and buildings are located within Poole Borough boundaries. Small campus is located in Bournemouth and it provide best media courses.


During the year 1901, Electric trams started in the Poole. Later buses replaced the trams and in the year 1935 last trams ran in the Poole. In the year 1910, first cinema hall was opened and in the year 1932 Civic offices were established. During the starting of 20th century, Poole town has a population of 19000 only but later it raised rapidly. Old industries of Brick making, brewing and Shipbuilding, during the 20th century faced decline but the pottery industry remained intact. In the year 1969, Dolphin Centre was opened and earlier it was known as Arndale centre. In the year 1969 General Hospital was opened was Poole. In 1974 Dolphin Pool was opened. In 1974 Poole Lifeboat Museum was opened. In 1978 Arts Centre was opened. Poole was recognized as Unitary Authority in the year 1997. In Poole, Pottery Centre is located and it is also a major location for tourists. Major industry of Poole is tourism. In the year 2007 Poole museum was reopened and Now Poole has a population of 147,000.



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