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About Peterborough

About Peterborough

Peterborough is situated 118.4 km north of London along the River Nene which flows into the North Sea 48 km to the north-east. It is a unitary authority, geographic county of Cambridgeshire, England. According to the census done in 2011, Peterborough city has a population nearly around 183,631. In the 19th century, when railways arrive the population of the Peterborough start increasing. The city became an industrial centre particularly in the manufacturing of brick. After the Second World War, the extension of the town was confined until it is designated as New Town. Industrial employment has decreased with a significant proportion of new jobs in commercial distribution and services.

Peterborough city is situated on the shoreline of the Fens. Fens, a low-lying area of silt and peat and was drained and developed between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. Now, Fens is known for its prominent fertility and extensive agricultural production.  Various region’s products are prepared in the factories of Peterborough city. Peterborough city's growth in the 19th century is the result of the draining of the Fens, the expansion of England’s largest brickworks and the arrival of the railway. For distributing trades and warehousing, Peterborough city has become a favourite location.


The Peterborough School is an independent school established in 1895. It is situated at Westwood House rendering education to students up to the age of 18. For higher education, Peterborough has two colleges naming City College Peterborough and Peterborough Regional College. Established in 1946, Peterborough Regional College attracted more than 15,000 students each year. It is ranked among the top colleges of the United Kingdom. After Swindon, this city has become the second largest centre of the population without its own higher education institution in the United Kingdom. In 1906, Andrew Carnegie (Scottish Philanthropist) funded the former public library on Broadway.


  • Burghley House – It is grand 16th-century country house situated on the boundary of St Martin’s without and Barnack, within the boundary of Peterborough city. Burghley house is open to the visitors. House exhibits a circuit of grand and lavishly decorated state apartments.
  • Peterborough Cathedral – It is also known by the name of Saint Peter’s Cathedral. It is appreciated for its impressive Early English Gothic West Front. After a rebuilding in the 12th century, the cathedral was established in the Anglo-Saxon period and its architecture is primarily Norman.
  • Nene Park – Opened in 1978, it is the country park of the Peterborough city. There are three lakes in Nene Park, providing water sports activities such as kayaking and sailing at one lake. The second lake has a rowing boat and pedaloe, and the moorings for the vessel are carried at the third lake and has passage to the River Nene.
  • Longthorpe Tower – Situated in the village of Longthorpe, it is a 14th-century three-story tower. English medieval wall paintings are the famous attraction of Longthorpe Tower. These paintings display Moral, religious and secular themes, and the quality is good for a countrified work.
  • Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery – Museum has a collection of nearly about 227,000 objects, involving social history and local archaeology. Museum also has the original manuscripts of John Clare, who is the Northamptonshire Peasant Poet.



Since 1934, the local football team of the Peterborough city is Peterborough United Football Club (also known as The Posh). The town of Peterborough also has groups for various other games such as cricket, football, hockey, ice hockey, rowing, and rugby. Different sporting world personalities of the Peterborough city are:

  • David Bentley – Footballer with Tottenham Hotspur and England
  • Isaiah Brown – Football player with Chelsea
  • Louis Smith – A gymnast from the United Kingdom
  • Craig Jones - Motorcycle Racer


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