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About Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough is a town located on the River Tees south bank and it is a large industrial town. Middlesbrough was founded in the year 1830. Middlesbrough Borough Council is a unitary authority as well as local council. Middlesbrough had a population of 138,400 according to 2011 census. Middlesbrough became the largest urban subdivision due to the wider urban settlement that has a population of 174,700.

Teesside area is largely developed and Middlesbrough is its part. This area had population of near about 376,333 according to 2011 census. In the year 1889, Middlesbrough became a county borough within Yorkshire’s North Riding. In the year 1968, Borough was combined with various others for the formation of Teesside County of Borough. In the year 1996, Cleveland was eradicated.

 In the year 1830 RG’s Erimus which means “We Shall Be” was chosen as motto of Middlesbrough’s. The motto of Middlesbrough resembles Fuimus which was the motto of Scottish/Norman Bruce family. Azure Lion is the arms of town’s coat, from the arms. In the year 1851, Middlesbrough first blast furnace was opened. Iron industry started to excel later.

Large number of men started working in the iron industry later and due to this the population of Middlesbrough increased rapidly. By the end of the year 1861, the population reached 20,000. In the late 19th century various facilities in the Middlesbrough improved. In the year 1868, Albert Park was opened.

In the year 1864, North Riding Infirmary was opened. Free library was opened in the year 1871. Architect George Gordon Hoskins designed Middlesbrough Town Hall. For the Town Hall, the foundation stone was laid in the year 1883. This was opened by Princess of Wales and Prince in the year 1889.

From the year 1898 through Middlesbrough streets, electric trams ran. Later the trains were replaced by buses and in the early 1930’s trams stopped. During First World War in Middlesbrough, the steel and iron industry worked very hard. Many people from the town lost their lives due to war. Later the rate of unemployment increased. First council houses were built between wars in Middlesbrough.

Employment increased due to Second World War as number of industries increased in the city. After the Second World War, Middlesbrough continued to thrive and various council houses were built. In Middlesbrough, singer Chris Rea was born in 1951. Middlesbrough is one of the busy shopping Centre.

 In the year 1982 Hillstreet shopping centre was opened. In the year 1992, Teeside Polytechnic College was converted to Teeside University. In the year 2007, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art was opened. Presently Middlesbrough had a population of 138,000.


Around 20,000 students study in the Teesside University. In earlier 1930, it was referred as Constantine Technical College. Present departments of the university include Health, Computing, Social Sciences, Social care, Engineering etc. University also provide knowledge regarding computer animation and games design.

In this University, yearly Animex International Festival of Computer games and Animation is held. James Cook University Hospital is also linked with this university and it is located in the south of the town Centre. Many schools and sixth form colleges are present in Middlesbrough and largest of this is Middlesbrough College.

Middlesbrough College is located in Middlehaven and have around 16000 students. Others college in Middlesbrough include Trinity Catholic College in Saltergill and on Stockton Road, Macmillan Academy. In the year 1960, Cleveland College of Art and Design was opened. This college is located in Hartlepool and Middlesbrough. It is one of the four special Art and Design College in United Kingdom for further education.


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