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Datrix Training has a state of the art venue in Ipswich which is equipped with the latest technology so that you can pass the exam in the best learning environment. Our trainers have over 5 years of knowledge within their chosen field and will support you with anything you need throughout the training programmes. Datrix Training provides training in Ipswich so that you can learn the likes of PRINCE2® Ipswich and MSP® Ipswich in a location near you. Having a nearby location will save you money on travel costs and time so that you don’t have to travel long distances.

If you are working in a business in Ipswich and wish to have training to take place in your company, the onsite training option is highly recommended with Datrix Training. Choosing the onsite training option will save your business money on travel costs and your staff will feel comfortable learning the fundamentals of PRINCE2® and ITIL® for example, in a familiar working environment.  Onsite training gives your business the chance to train a group of employees at the same time while being taught by a professional Datrix Training instructor.

Datrix Training also offer training on an online platform. This gives you the chance to learn PRINCE2® Ipswich and MSP® Ipswich for example at your own pace and time, anywhere that has Wi-Fi. The Datrix Training online courses last for 90 days which gives you plenty of time to learn the fundamentals of your chosen course and pass the exam. Taking courses online is the most popular option to take with Datrix Training as they are at a low cost and can be taken anywhere.

Located in the county of Suffolk is the large town of Ipswich. The British town is situated on the estuary of the River Orwell and is spread through the boundaries of Suffolk making it the 38th largest urban area in England and Wales and the 4th largest in eastern England.

Ipswich is also one of the oldest towns in the United Kingdom. During the Roman Empire, Ipswich was developed as an important route to towns and settlements via two rivers; the River Orwell and the River Gipping. A huge Roman fort was also built there as part of the coastal defences in Britain. The largest Roman villa in Suffolk was also built in Ipswich during this time. Throughout the Anglo-Saxon times, the coastal town took shape as the Sea trade thrived with trade links to Scandinavia. During the 7th century, Frisian potters from the Netherlands settled there and set up the largest potteries since the Roman times. During 869 AD, Ipswich was invaded by the Vikings and was operated under King Edgar during the 970’s. For the next four centuries, Ipswich turned into a medieval sea port town which has been a focal point of the economy at the time. The 14th and 17th centuries brought Ipswich trade routes to the Baltic and grew into the biggest port in East Anglia.

Ipswich is also very passionate about its sport being home to Ipswich Town FC. The football club was founded in 1878 and play at Portman Road which has a capacity of over 30,000 seats. The club’s biggest rivals are Norwich City. Ipswich Town was also managed by two of the greatest English managers to have lived; Alf Ramsey and Sir Bobby Robson. The English football club have never been defeated at home in all European competitions by drawing 6 and winning 25. There also have been some very famous footballers who have played for the club which include; Mick Mills, Terry Butcher, John Wark and Arnold Muhren to name a few. Ipswich is also home to the Ipswich Gymnastics centre which is one of three which is fully accredited by the Olympics. The town is also home to the speedway team, the Ipswich Witches. The speedway team have won the top-tier titles four times at the 10,000 seater Foxhall Stadium.


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