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About Hinckley

Hinckley city has a market township .This city is located in southwest Leicestershire, United Kingdom. After Loughborough, Hinckley is a second largest town in the organizational county of Leicestershire. Hinckley city is located very close to of Nuneaton which is largest one in Warwickshire and resides in between the two cities (Leicester and Coventry). According to Decennial Census the Hinckley population was 696 people in 2010. It inclined and reached at 707 in 2017.


Hinckley was pronounced Hinca’s Leah, and it introduces with the name of Saxon settlement. In 1086 population was near about 300 and at that time it was a large village. Hinckley village was developed and become a small market town in 13th era. The population of Hinckley was expanding in the same era. Moreover business and commerce were also growing in that century.

Hinckley had organized fair for purchasing and selling something. The Leicestershire and Warwickshire people came to this city to sell as well as buy goods. At that time, the population of Hinckley was very less.

HINCKLEY 1500-1800

The population was inclined in between 16th to the 17th era. During the 17th century, the population was approx. 1,000. Hinckley was conducted to stocking frame in 1640 then Hinckley was developed permanently. By generating stocking stock, this city altered into the main industry. Hinckley is also grew hosiery production. It played a vital role in the English Civil war.


Starting off the 19th Era, it was minor developed, and population inclined slowly to 6,177. In Hinckley manual framework was interchanged with stream mechanical framework in later 19th Era. Moreover, the population was inclined to over 11,000 by 1900.In a 19th era, Hinckley was more developed with many modifications. In 1804 Ashby canal was started. Through railway Hinckley was engaged with Nuneaton. Railway transportation covered the Leicester in 1863. Moreover, Hinckley was built first Hanson transport in 1835.


Hinckley got a supply of electricity from 1912. On Granville road, first council dwellings were constructed in 1913, and these were raised in the 1920s and 1930s. The Urban district of Hinckley was extended to cover the areas of Burbage, Barwell and Shilton etc. in 1936. In 1937, police station was built.


Hinckley city situated 8 kilometres from east of Nuneaton. Coventry and Leicester are 19 kilometres away from Hinckley city. The Ibstock town is 18 kilometre from Hinckley north, and that is the very small area.


After completing Northern Perimeter road, The A47 was by-passed around the city, and some new commercial improvements have been made along this route. Hinckley city covered with two roads (A5 and M69 road). The two closest cities Coventry and Leicester connected to Hinckley through M69.

Media and culture:

The Oak FM is a local radio station in Hinckley, and it serves in the city and vicinity area. The weekly Hinckley Times is a local newspaper in this city, and moreover, this newspaper has its website. In Hinckley, hospital radio station named Radio Station Mead provides the facilities to the patients and faculty of two hospitals of Hinckley. Hinckley city has a theatre which is situated close to the centre of town in the stock wellhead, and this theatre has approx. 400 seats.


Within this city, there are some schools which are providing primary education for students like Westfield infant/junior, St. Mary’s church, Battling Brook CP and Hinckley Park. Redmoor, Hasting and St. Martins schools provide higher education in the Hinckley. Two colleges are there for further education that is Hinckley College and North Warwickshire. The other vital college in Hinckley located in William Bradford area.

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