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About High Wycombe

About High Wycombe


High Wycombe is the British town situated in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. This city is founded with the distance 47 km from north-west area of Charing Cross in London while 27 km from south of the Aylesbury and 43 km lies southeast of Oxford. This city is located 23 miles from the north-eastern area of Reading and from northern of Maidenhead it is 9 miles. During 2016, according to the ONS official estimates, this town is recognised as the second largest city in the Buckinghamshire after Milton Keynes and city was populated with 125,257 strength of people. The urban area of this city is the largest component and had approximately 133,204 population. High Wycombe's economy is based on the furniture's production. This city is considered as the combination of market and industrial town. The urban area of the city formed the civil parish area of Chepping Wycombe and had a population of 14,400 approximately according to the census of 2011. This metropolitan area serves the section of the old area of Chepping Wycombe, so it is not under the municipal borough of the Wycombe district. This town is enclosed by many suburbs such as Cressex, Terriers, Bowerdean, Booker and Wycombe Marsh. High Wycombe has the market situated on the High Street from the Middle Ages.




The history of Wycombe's political extends back to 1295. The constituency of the town is presently a Conservative majority. It includes three parties such as Notable MPs, Local government and Weighing the mayor. In Notable MPs, This city has two Prime Ministers. The first Prime Minister was William Petty from 4 July 1782 to 2 April 1783. William Petty is also known as The Earl of Shelburne. Wycombe Abbey is the living place of The Earl of Shelburne. The second MP was Benjamin Disraeli from 20 February 1874 to 21 April 1880, and he won the elections in 1868. Benjamin Disraeli is also known as The Earl of Beaconsfield. In the Local government, outside the town, the constituency is entirely Conservative in the town. The political aspect is blended with wards which drawn by the Labour, independent and Liberal Democrat councillors. Moreover, in 1678, a ceremony was conducted in the city involving the weighing of the mayor.





The county of the Buckinghamshire has the selective educational system which is based on the tripartite system of education in the United Kingdom. This city has many primary, secondary and independent schools. Students have to give the 11+ exam, and the score of the examination determine whether students are allowed to join the secondary school or not. The primary schools in High Wycombe are Booker Hill Combined School, Chepping View Combined School, Hannah Ball School, Hamilton Academy, Kings Wood Combined School, Ash Hill Combined School, Marsh Infants School, and St Michael's Catholic School and so on. Furthermore, the city also has secondary schools such as High crest Academy, Wycombe High School, St Michael's Catholic School, Cressex Community School, John Hampden Grammar School and Royal Grammar School. The independent schools are Godstowe Preparatory School, Pipers Corner School, Crown House School and Wycombe Abbey. For further education, High Wycombe has the university and college. Amersham & Wycombe College situated at the Flackwell Heath served the students with higher education. The main campus of Buckinghamshire New University is established in High Wycombe. This university is situated in the city centre and lies on the former site of College of Art and Technology in High Wycombe.



High Wycombe has the several attraction for visitors such as Chiltern Hills, Hughenden Manor, Hellfire Caves, Bradenham Manor House, West Wycombe Park and Wycombe Museum.

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