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Here at Datrix Training, we provide a huge amount of globally accredited training courses in our state of the art building in Guildford. We provide courses such as PRINCE2® Guildford and MSP® Guildford so that you can study in one of the best learning environments in a venue near you. Our trainers have over 5 years of experience in their chosen topics so that they can help you and support you with anything you need so that you can pass the examination and take a step ahead of the competition.

If you have a business in Guildford and you wish to have professional courses to be taught at your workplace, the onsite training option is highly recommended to take with Datrix Training.  By choosing the onsite training option with Datrix Training, we will be able to send a professional instructor to your venue and teach you globally recognised courses to your company so that your business can improve in efficiency and productivity. The onsite option will save your organisation money from travel costs and your staff will be more comfortable working in a more familiar environment.

Training online is also a fantastic option to take if you are with Datrix Training. Learning courses such as PRINCE2® and ITIL® online will help you to study at your own pace and time as Datrix Training’s online courses lasts for 90 days. The online courses are also the most popular with our clients because you can study anywhere that has Wi-Fi and you are invited to attend free walk in clinics with a professional instructor.

The large British town of Guildford, is situated in the county of Surrey, about 27 miles from London. Guildford is one of the most expensive places to buy a property in the UK outside of London. It has been described as the county town of Surrey and has very strong links with Woking since its new development.

The first settlement recorded in Guildford was during the 10th century where the Anglo-Saxons called it Guideford meaning gold and ford. Historians actually found that there was a substantial lack of gold in the area so the name is thought to relate to the golden flowers by the ford. Throughout the Dark and Middle ages, Guildford was established as a small town and was the location of the Royal Mint under the reign of William the Conqueror. One of the other main buildings built during the period was Guildford castle which overlooks the journey taken by the Pilgrims’ Way giving it a key point for military uses. In 1995, a chamber was found in the high street which contained the remains of the 12th century synagogue and is the oldest remains in Europe. Throughout the 14th century, the guildhall of Guildford was built and still stands today as one of the most historic landmarks in the English city.  The Borough council of Guildford built 18 air raid shelters during World War II an interconnecting tunnels to protect the city from German air raids.

Guildford is home to a national prizewinning sports centre which is called the Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre.  The Spectrum is a very popular place to visit in Guildford having Ten-Pin Bowling, a Laser tag area, an ice rink, general halls used for gymnastics and an Athletics track. Major teams have played in the sports centre in Surrey which include Guildford City Football Club, the Guildford Flames ice hockey team and the Guildford National volleyball team.

The University of Surrey is Guildford’s only university. The public research university focuses its courses on engineering, science, medicine and business. The University of Surrey also researches on small satellites and mobile communications and has recently expanded into China by starting up the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. The university was also one of eight universities to be ranked within the top 10 of all three major national league tables for 2016. The University of Surrey also has the fourth highest percentage of graduates entering employment in the United Kingdom.  


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