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About Fleet

Fleet is a district situated in the Hart district of Hampshire, England. The city is 36 miles from the capital city, London. The Basing stroke is 10 miles to the Fleet Town. The Halifax quality of Life study acknowledged Fleet district as the best place for living for the period between 2011 and 2015. The factors such as the high hygiene, better health conditions, pleasant weather, education and entertainment played a crucial role to get the title of best city. According to the population counting of 2011, it stands around 38,726.

The Fleet city is known famously for its Fleet Pond. Another famous attraction of the city is old fashioned High Streets that provide a look that is reminiscent of the Victorian and Edwardian ages. The M3 motorway connects fleet. The Welcome Break is the most popular Service station in the city.


The Hampshire, a shire county, controls the development work of the city. Hart District Council administers Fleet. North East Hampshire is the constituency that represents this area in parliament. In 2010, The Hart District Council transferred some of its responsibilities to three newly formed parish councils such as Fleet Town, Elvetham Heath Parish Council and Church Crookham Parish Council.

Wards in Fleet

These are the list of wards into which Fleet and Church Crookham is divided such as Fleet West, Fleet Courtmoor, Fleet North, Church Crook ham, Fleet Central and Church Crookham East. Fleet West includes a part of Church Crookham and is located on the western side of Fleet.  Fleet North, The Elvetahm Heath State forms a significant portion of Fleet North. Church Crookham West includes the southern as well as western parts of Crookham. Fleet Central consists of the oldest areas of the town and the town Centre also.



The Fleet citizens are served by Fleet railway station which is funded by the Hampshire County Council and is on the London to Basingstoke line.


The citizens of Fleet commute using the Fleet Buzz service also. This service is operated by Stagecoach bus. There are routes to various places such as Justin, Farnborough and Aldershot.


The North Hants Golf Club, a top-ranked golf course is located in Fleet. Justin Rose, a top-ranked golfer, lives in Fleet. Fleet is also home to four Non-League football teams that play at Kennels Lane (Fleet Spurs F.C.), Calthorpe Park (Fleet Town F.C), Zebon Copse (FC Fleet), and Dippenhall St., Crondall (Fleet Albion). Fleet has half marathon for the preparation of London Marathon.


The Hart Leisure Centre is a sports leisure Centre that is being run by the local government. The facilities included are two sports hall, squash courts, studios, a gym, a swimming pool, and a few more. The centre also has the facility of martial arts club and a few others sports clubs. 


As we know, Media is the fourth pillar of the democracy. The local press is Fleet News and Mall, A broadsheet which can easily get from local vendors, and the Surrey-Hants Star courier, a free tabloid. The BBC South covers the area of Local BBC TV news. BBC Surrey also looks after the Local radio services, as well as Northeast Hampshire. Fleet has an independent charge of 96.4 Eagle Radio.


Carnival Committee of Fleet hosts various events in Fleet.  These events include Christmas and carnival etc. Christmas event starts its preparation from the very last month of November and lasts until New Year.


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