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About Dunfermline

Dunfermline city is located on the mainland of Fife, Scotland.  As per the 2011 population counting, the population stands approximately 49,706. In the succeeding election of 2015, Dunfermline population rose 50,380. The community of the Dunfermline is largest in Fife. It stood tenth in Scotland, United Kingdom.

The Dunfermline town first came into existence in the 11th century. The town is historically significant. It has world-class leisure facilities. The foremost city priority is a tertiary sector. It accounted the lion’s share of employers in Sky UK. The Other MNC providing job opportunities are provided by Best Western, Amazon, FMC Technologies, Lloyds and Nationwide in Dunfermline.


Some stories explain the name of “Dunfermline”. The first half taken from Gaelic means a hill. The rest word means Problematic. The midterm refers to Tower burn as per records of the medieval era.

The city has been experiencing rapid expansion since the 20th century. The prominent area was Expansion corridor on the eastern front of the tow. There is a plan to expand M90 road corridor until 2022 deadline. The number of developments includes the building of 6000 homes, three new schools, new community infrastructure, and the Fife Leisure Park employment land.

Today, the town is also acknowledged as the dormitory town and the leading centre for the West Fife area. Apart from this, Shopping malls, major public park, college campus at Halbach. The prominent online retailer Amazon.com had opened a significant passage in the city.


The city is home to several games and sports such as a professional team of rugby, cricket and football. East End Park is fully reserved for the Dunfermline Athletic football team so that  they can practice for Scottish Championship. The team get a lot of recognition after winning Scottish Cup two times in 1961 and 1968. The players got a lot of respect from the local community. A cricket club is also based at Carnegie Cricket Ground which is an athletics ground at Pitreavie. Edward training pool also has new 25 meters 6 land deck level pool with a movable floor. There are an improved entrance and reception area with modern gym and a new cafe.

 Education, Landmarks and Notable Buildings

There are entire 14 primary schools and 4 secondary schools in the region. The private school is giving rest of the education sector. Calaiswood ASN School primarily meant for children so that maximum take care can be provided to maintain health norms and various learning approaches.

Established in 1816, Dunfermline High School is the oldest town in the city. Later on, the school was transformed and called Queen Anne Street. From 1994, this school provide services to both western and southern parts of the city. In Wellwood towards the north-west zone of the city, Queen Anne High School is located. In 1972, Woodmill High School was updated which was initially a junior secondary school. The school was developed on Priory Land. St Columba’s high school become one of two Roman Catholic secondary schools in the region after sometimes. School server people are living in West Fife. Further education was provided by Fife College and was known as Lauder Technical School, and the funding was provided by Andrew Carnegie. In 1910, the textile school was founded by Carnegie. Later it was recognised as Technical School in 1927. The school gained the status of a technical college in 1951. In 2007 it became Carnegie College. The students are getting a lot of benefits owing to its education sector.

The Scott-Norman monastic architecture, Dunfermline Abbey is A listed building. It attracted the lion's share tourist of the United Kingdom.

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