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About Dundee

Dundee is the 4th largest city as per the geographical area in Scotland. It stands 51st largest by population in the United Kingdom. Initially, Dundee was a trading port and with rapid developments taking place during the Industrial Revolution are due to jute industry. Dundee earned the sobriquet “the city of jute, jam and journalism" owing to its industries of jute, jam and journalism.

Dundee also earned another title "One City, Many Discoveries". Dundee was called so due to its various scientific activities and the RRS Discovery. The RRS Discovery, a Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctic exploration vessel, was built in Dundee. In addition to this, it is also home to various industries like technology and Biomedical. The UK digital-entertainment industry earns 10% revenue from Dundee alone.

The Abertay University and the University of Dundee both are in Dundee city. The UN recognised Dundee as the UK's first UNESCO City of Design in 2014. This was the result of its contribution to fields of entertainment and medical research. Dundee United and Dundee F.C. are two prominent football clubs who have their stadia to play their home games. These stadiums are located few kilometres away from each other.

The city saw a sharp decline in revenues of traditional industries. In the past, the city planned to establish its cultural center. The plan cost was £1 billion, started as early as 2001 and set a timeline of 30 years. The other places in the list are developed within Dundee are the Dundee Victoria & Albert Museum. Their inauguration is set to be done in 2018. The cost of this museum is estimated at £80 million.


The city landscape is ruled by The Law and Firth of Tay. The Law was the site of an Iron Age Hill Fort, where the soldiers who had laid down their lives in World War I were commemorated. The waterfront that was once used for importing and exporting jute and whale products went through many natural and artificial changes. The HMS Unicorn and the North Carr Lightship are stationed at The Victoria while the RRS Discovery of Captain Scott is stationed at Craig Pier. The Craig Peer was used by ferries to Fife.

The city is home to a 15th-century building, the St. Mary’s Tower that is considered to be the oldest in the city. The Tower is a part of the City Churches that include St Clement's Church, Old St Paul's and St David's Church, and St Mary's Church. The other churches in the city that carry historical value are the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St Andrew and the Gothic Revival Episcopal Cathedral of St Paul's.


There are many Castles in Dundee from the Early Modern Era. The first on the list is The Mains Castle which is located in the Caird Park. It was built in 1562 by David Graham. Another castle is the Dudhope Castle. It is acknowledged as the seat of the Scrymgeour family. It developed in the late 16th century on the keep site. The third one is The Claypotts Castle, a castle in West Ferry, built in the latter half of the 16th century by John Strachan. The Broughty Castle was built in 1495 and served military purposes until 1932. The castle served in the Anglo-Scottish Wars and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms as well. The castle stands alongside two different kinds of beaches – one of sand, the other of pebbles - on a shallow tip that projects into the Firth. The Powrie Castle has only the ruins left of its 16th-century structure. It stands to the north of Fintry.



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