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About Corby

Corby is a town which is located 37 km away from the north-east of Northampton, England. It is the town with a fastest growing population in Northamptonshire, England. With reference to 2011 census, Corby has a population of 61,300. It is situated 37 km away from the north-east of Northampton, United Kingdom. because of a large number of Scottish migrant workers who came to the town for its steelworks, it was at one time known locally as "Little Scotland". The town was a small village until 1930. All the changes took place with the opening of the steelworks by Stewarts and Lloyds. It is a rapidly changing and a vibrant place.


Created since 1983, the constituency of Corby comprises traditionally Conservative East Northamptonshire. Election party named Labour won the General Elections in 2005 by a considerable majority. In contrast to this, in 2010 the Labour Party candidate lost the seat to the Conservatives. In 2012 again, the Labour Party came to power when Mensch resigned as an MP Labour's Andy Sawford won the seat. The constituency is a crucial seat that is why it attracted media at national and international levels. The Corby Borough Council has been under Labour party’s control since 1979. In elections of 2015, the city was represented by 24 Labour Party members and 5 Conservatives. 

 Employment and Education

The primary employment of the city is based on the manufacturing. However, employment can also be found in health and education in the city. The city is home to workshops that manufacture Fairline Boats. Amy’s Kitchen opened a factory in Corby a short time back. As per the survey of 2001, it is confirmed that the ratio of the working population to it’s qualified at its lowest in both England and Wales regions. A 40% of the population do not have any GCSE-equivalent qualification. As per the population counting of 2011, Corby had a population of 61,255. There are White British in majority followed by 9.1% others including White Irish and Irish Traveller. The minor white British ward in the town is Oakley Vale. A huge range of vocational courses are offered to students according to their age groups by the Tresham Institute of Further and Higher Education in Corby. The nearest universities to the south are the University of Northampton and to the west are De Montfort University in Leicester and University of Leicester.


As per 2001 census, the children count of Scottish-origin in the Corby Urban Area was found to be approximately 10,063 which is around 18.9% of the total population. A huge number of locals of Corby enjoy this Scottish heritage. Apart from London, Corby is the only town in England with two Churches. About the city of the Corby, a song Steel town by Big Country band was written.

Sport and Leisure

Corby Town F.C is the leading football team that plays in the National League North. Corby also has the facility of the Corby East Midlands International Swimming Pool. It started its services in 2009. Corby is also a place for The Stewarts and Lloyds Rugby Football Club. The city also has an athletic club not only for below 11 years of age but also for persons who are 60’s. When the Youth Development League scheduled, the higher age group was promoted to Midland East 1.


Corby experiences a maritime climatic condition with mild winters and cool summers. The highest recorded temperature was 35 °C in August 1990’s, and the lowest was recorded during 1987 which was −23.3 °C. The city has a favourable condition for living. Therefore, migration of people happened after the sharp interval.

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