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About Colchester

Colchester is a famous historical town as well as largest settlement inside the borough of Colchester. The city is 50 miles northeast of the capital city, London. It is well connected with the capital city with A 12 road. This city has connectivity with the city railway station through the Great Eastern main line. As per 2011 census, Colchester has been growing at a faster pace among other towns. Colcestrian is the name of the local people of Colchester. It was also the capital of Roman Britain in Ancient times. The Ancient European Towns Network also listed Colchester as one of its members.

Both A12 road and the Colchester railway station connect this town to the capital. As it is a market town, so, a large number of commuters usually travel to this city. The Harwich ferry port and Stansted Airport lie at a distance of 20 miles and 30 miles from Colchester and are two means of transport. The Colchester Castle is the main attraction of the city. The town also has one prominent United Football Club.


Colchester is giving its services as a military garrison since Roman Empire. The outskirts of the city have army’s military prison recognised as the Glasshouse. This place is specially meant for those men and Women in the Defense services who have been sentenced to serve detention time.

In the period between 1998 and 2008, the garrison had undergone many changes and transformation. The Ministry of Defense sold its territory and used that money for private housings. This was the reason for relocation of most of the parts of the garrison. Some land of the garrison still awaits development. This may happen in the second phase of development work.

In 2006, Colchester city initiated the practice of firing Royal Salutes on occasion of Royal anniversary or a visit of a foreign dignitary. Since 2009, Castle Park has been following the tradition of firing salute.


There are many museums such as the Castle Museum, Natural history Museum and Hollytrees in the vicinity of the city. The Hollytree museum is also located in the city.  The former Cavalry Barrack is home to visitors. The city museum display exhibits from the Roman Circus. The Colchester Archaeological Trust administers the museum. There are models and replicas of the circus. In 2014, brick and marble columns from the massive frontage of the area of the Temple of Claudius were discovered behind the High Street.

The Gosbecks Archaeological Park

The Roman Theatre and a British Roman temple both are situated in the Gosbecks Archaeological Park which is located in the South-West part of the city. Once this park was the place for “Cunobelin’s farm”. The name of the park came from a famous Catuvellauni King. The coins from his ruling era were found in large quantities at this site. During the Roman Empire, a vast Romano-British Temple and Britain’s most significant Roman Theatre were also built in this park. This particular theatre was twice as big as compared to the Colchester theatre of today. Another reason to be famous for this park is owing to its closeness to Stanway burials. The Iron Age defensive earthworks and a Roman fort still exist in the city.


The region is dry as compared to other locations of the United Kingdom. Colchester has typically oceanic climate as most of the cities also experience the same type of environment. The town is less prone to Atlantic depressions. The city faced a few droughts in the past.


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