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Datrix Training provides high quality courses in Chorley so that you can learn globally accredited courses in a location near you. Our state of the art venue in Chorley has been equipped with the latest technology so that you can learn the fundamentals of PRINCE2® Chorley and ITIL® Chorley for example, in one of the best learning environments in the United Kingdom.

If you have a business in Chorley and you wish to have training to take place in your work place, the onsite option is highly recommended to take with Datrix Training. Taking the onsite training option will help your business work more efficiently as a professional instructor will come to your workplace and teach you globally accredited courses that will enhance your business. Datrix Training’s instructors have over 7 years of experience in their subjects and will be able to help and support you with anything you need to pass the examination.

Datrix Training also deliver professional course on an online platform so that you can learn the fundamentals of PRINCE2® and ITIL® for example, anywhere that has Wi-Fi. The e-learning courses are hugely popular with our clients as they are best value for money and lasts for 90 days which gives you plenty of time to learn the course and pass the examination. Another advantage of learning our courses online is that Datrix Training provides free walk in clinics so that you can talk to a professional instructor.

Located in the northern county of Lancashire is the town of Chorley. The small market town is approximately 8 miles away from Wigan and about 19 miles away from Manchester. Chorley is one of the smallest towns in England with a population of over 30,000 people. A major part of the town’s economy was from the cotton trade and its central location.

The first recordings of Chorley was during the Middle Ages where a settlement was built by Anglezarke Moor at around 3500 BC. Chorley’s name has come from two Anglo-Saxon words which are Ceorl and ley which means the peasants’ clearing. Throughout the Roman period, it is known that they built a settlement north of the town which was discovered in the late 1950’s. During the Medieval times, Chorley was raided by Scotland in 1322 which lead to the famous Peel Tower being built. The Earl of Derby established Chorley as a small borough at around 1250 AD but was short-lived as this did not appear in the commission of the Leyland Hundred. Like many other towns in Lancashire, Chorley gained its wealth during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century as it thrived within the cotton industry.

Chorley is also hugely recognised for the cycling talent that has come from the town. Olympic gold medallists Jason Queally and Bradley Wiggins have come from Chorley including Paralympic silver medallist Rik Waddon and Paralympic gold medallist Natalie Jones.

One of the most iconic cakes were made in Chorley. The Chorley Cake is a fruit filled pastry pie and is hugely recognised with the town. Every year a Chorley Cake Street Fair is held attracting many bakers from all over the world to this event.


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