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About Chichester

Chichester being district and shire country situated in the southeast region of United Kingdom. As per the old records, the history started with the establishment of the Romans Empire. The history also witnessed the important part of the history of Anglo-Saxon Era. The city also has a cathedral that constructed during 12th century. There are also prominent oldest buildings such as churches that lasts long today also. The population of the town was 27,000 as per the last population counting.


Chichester acted as an important gateway for the invasion of the Romans into the city. There are number of evidence found such as Romans sculptures, Settlement and Storage Structures built in the city. The Silchester and Chichester Roads connects the North frontier of the city. The oldest and original wall of the Romans city used to control the excess flow of the Lavant River. The wall lasts long up to 1500 years. Now the wall is being replaced with the Georgian Wall. Earlier recognized as the Amphitheatre, now transformed into a lavish park. The Great Alfred did fortification of all the walls around 878-879. He used his reserved soldiers of the brigade in Emergency situations particularly in Garrison. They were just 1500 people at the time of the Domesday Book. After the battle of Hastings, The Roger de Montgomerie looked after this town. Owing to his great efforts during the war, he got the city charge. The city is under the severe military presence until it was called back in 2014.


The city ranked very up owing to its classification among the nicest cities to live. The city is well planned, crime free and ecofriendly. There are 20 members in total with 5 members for each ward. Since 1731, the council house is in function. There is only one Member of Parliament seat for the city.

Geography and Climate

The River Lavant Flows in the city. Some ancient routes meet in this city. The city is preferably used for settlement in the past as well as present. There are also numerous ancient structures from the medieval period. The conservation area of the city has many Grade I and Grade II buildings in the region. The conservation area also includes newly built canal basin. Owing to its location near the Ocean, It has maritime temperature and located near to southern Britain. It has cool summers and mild winters. Chichester also experiences the direct rays of the Sun. The city gets high sunshine to rest of the UK.                                                                                


The city’s Cathedral has a shrine of Great Saint Richard. The main building of the church does not have the bell Tower. The city has many religious buildings apart from the churches are Temples and Gurudwaras. Large gathering noticed during religious festivals.


The country important roads meet at Chichester. One of these roads is A27 Coastal trunk road. All the south part of the city can be covered on this road. M3, M275 and M27 are other important roads that are part of this junction. There is also one railway station in the region. Buses gets the lion’s share of commuters. Compass Travel, Stagecoach are the leading bus service providers. The Northern part of city is occupied with The Chichester Airport. The Walkers, Riders and Cyclists enjoys their activities on the Centurion Way.


A co-education school i.e. Chichester high School is the transformed form of high school for Boys and Girls. The city has a few Vocational training schools too. They are acknowledged for their proficiency and good results. The University of Chichester has better scope for talented person in various fields. Students can continue with their respective vocational courses in the university. St Richard’s Hospital is one of the famous and oldest hospitals since Second WW.

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