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About Canterbury

Canterbury is an ancient Cathedral City situated on the River Stour in the Southeast England with a total population of about 55, 240 according to the 2011 census. Regarding geographical size and population, the city of Canterbury is a small city as compared to other cities of UK. Cathedral is the primary religious centre in England. The city of Canterbury has been invaded from pre-Roman times. The Romans constructed the town wall and rebuilt it in the middle ages.

The city has become one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom and attracted some tourists continually. Under Local Government Act, the Canterbury city converted into a county borough, later on, it lost its county borough status and afterwards, Kent County Council has taken the full control. During World War II, this city has rigorously suffered from bombardment. Cathedral was little damaged during the World War II, and the shopping area and longmarket have since been renovated.


Rosie Duffield, a politician of the Labour Party, is appointed as the member of the Parliament for the constituency of Canterbury. The Canterbury city local government district includes other two cities which are Whitstable and Herne Bay. The urban area of the Canterbury city comprises six electoral wards Barton, Forest, Westgate, Blean, St Stephens and Wincheap. In the year 1461, the city of Canterbury became a county corporate.


The city of Canterbury is famous for buildings, architecture and beaches. Cathedral is the centre point of the visit for tourists. It has been a part of the history of England and is recognised by the UNESCO world heritage. Greyfriars Chapel is the oldest Franciscan building in Britain which spans the River Stour. Norman Castle and Westgate Towers are some other historical buildings of the Canterbury attracting tourists to visit this beautiful city. Roman Museum is created around the remains of Roman Townhouse. One of the most exquisite collections of Masonic artefacts is found in The Kent Museum of Freemasonry.

The city of Canterbury is also famous for its river and walking tours. It offers a ghost tour showing the mysterious side of Canterbury to visitors. Whitefriars shopping centre of this city is recognised for its latest fashion and big brand designs. Canterbury Tales is another tourist attraction showing the stories of ancient life. Tourists can experience the sights through interactive displays and authentic recreations of street scenes. It is an ideal destination for school students.


Canterbury city is famous for three universities; University for the Creative Arts, University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University. The main campus of the University of Kent is founded in the year 1965. It is situated over 600 acres of area on St Stephen’s Hill. The University of Kent had opened a smaller campus in the Chatham city. University had around 20,000 students in 2014. The oldest educational institute is the University for the Creative Arts founded by Thomas Sidney Cooper in the year 1882.

The Church of England founded teacher training college in 1962. It was given the power to become a university college in 1995. University had around 15,000 students in 2007. The city also has various primary and secondary schools including Kings School, Barton Court Grammar School, Archbishops School and the Canterbury High School providing an excellent education to multiple children of the city.


The mild temperature (between 35.2°F and 73°F) of Canterbury is enjoyed by citizens all year round. The city experience less rainfall as compared to other cities that are nearly about 500mm or 600 mm. The climatic condition of the city is similar to all other cities of the United Kingdom.

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