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Here at Datrix Training, we offer classroom training in our Cambridge venue where you can take a wide variety of our training courses such as PRINCE2® Cambridge, ITIL® Cambridge and TOGAF® Cambridge with our specialist technology so that you can pass your examination. Cambridge is a hugely popular venue for our customers which helps you to enhance your career and job prospects in the future. Our trainers at Datrix have a lot of experience within the industry and will be able to help you with anything you need. Cambridge is such a beautiful place to learn with Datrix Training, offering courses such as Lean Six Sigma, PMP®, MSP® and PRINCE2®.

If your business is based in Cambridge and you request to have high quality training to take place at your company, then we also offer this option with on-site training. Our highly experienced instructors at Datrix Training have over 5-15 years of experience within project management, technical it, business skills and many other methodologies that are hugely beneficial to learn within the industry. Having the training take place with your company also helps your business work more efficiently while training in a comfortable environment which they are familiar with.

At Datrix, we also offer our candidates the opportunity to learn anywhere with internet which is online training. Datrix’s online training option will help you learn popular courses such as Lean Six Sigma and PMP® in your very own home learning at your own pace and time.

Cambridge, the wonderful University City and County Town of Cambridgeshire, is North of London. According to the United Kingdom Census 2011, its population is 123,900. It is recorded that Cambridge's climate has varied over the years with highs of 35 degrees in the summers and lows of -17 degrees in the winter.

Areas of land, from the prehistoric times, have remained in Cambridge for a while now. Fitzwilliam College has clear evidence supporting this with its (just under) 4,000 year old farmstead. We can also prove this from the evidence of the Iron Age as a built-up area is on Castle Hill in the 1st Century BC. Researchers think that this is possibly relating to wider cultural changes occurring in south-eastern Britain at this time linked to the arrival of the Belgae. They also believe that the principal Roman site at Cambridge is a small fort called Duroliponte located on Castle Hill which is only North West of the city and surrounding the location of the earlier British village. It is said that St Bene’t’s (Bene’t is a contraction of Benedict) Church is the oldest standing building in Cambridge which is located on the south side of Bene’t Street next to Corpus Christi College.

Cambridge, alone, has a staggering 11 different universities which total the 24,000 students they have. Both the University of Cambridge and the local campus of Anglia Ruskin University have got thousands of students. In 2007/2008, its student population estimate was 18,000 and so Anglia Ruskin reports 24,000 students across its two campuses. One campus is actually located outside of Cambridge, in Chelmsford. Although Cambridge City has a range of different universities, it only has one University Technical College (UTC Cambridge) which was opened not long ago in September 2014. The 11 universities in Cambridge are: University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge Regional College, Ridley Hall, The Abbey College, Westcott House, Westminster College, Wesley House, King’s Hall, Michaelhouse, and Magdalene College.

Cambridge is the home to Cambridge United football club, who play at Abbey Stadium. In 1970 they were elected to the football league and soon reached the second division in 1978 but as they reached 1980 the club had a big decline to the fourth league where they almost went out of business. On the contrary, that wasn’t the end of them, a big success came later in the early 1990s as they qualified to play for the FA cup quarter finals in both seasons. They were so lucky and successful that they almost came close to being the first English team to win three successive football league promotion which would have promoted them to be in the newly created FA Premier League. The University of Cambridge’s cricket ground is home to the cricket team, Cambridgeshire CCC. With that there are several other amateur cricket clubs in the city: Cambridge Granta, Cambridge St Giles, Camden, New Chesterton Institute, Fen Ditton, Romsey Town and Cherry Hinton. Cambridge is not just the home to ground sports but water sports as well! The River Cam (running through the city centre) is used for boating. Also, numerous rowing clubs, water polo clubs and swimming pools can be found throughout Cambridge City.

Cambridge isn’t just about the historic monuments, sports and universities, there are a wide variety of fun attractions to look at, or take part in whilst you visit. They have their own flight studio which people have rated to be an unforgettable experience across to a load of cinemas so you can sit back and relax. The good thing is that it’s not about staying indoors in Cambridge when there’s plenty of outdoor activities that you (and your family) can enjoy. These may include going Punting, river tours, playing golf or even hiring a city bike tour.

Many famous people have lived in Cambridge over the years. Some of which were Catherine of Aragon (wife of Henry VIII), Joe Bugner (boxer), Marty Scurll (wrestler) and Dale Pinnock (chef). There was also Jeremy Irvine (actor) and Don Airey (keyboardist for deep purple). Although there weren’t many famous people in born/living in Cambridge, one person stands out the most. His name is Michael Vivian Fyfe Pennington, an actor, director and writer that was casted in the film Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.


If you’re interested in taking a training course in Cambridge with us, please contact us on 0800 781 0626 and to find some of the best valued courses the training industry has to offer.

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