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About Buxton

Buxton acknowledged as the Spa Town, located in the high altitude of the Derbyshire, district. Its height from the sea level is 292.608 meter. Staffordshire, a landlocked county, is located in south side of Buxton. East midlands also shares its administration power with Buxton. The Peak District National Park gets lion’s share of tourists in the city. As per the last census, the population was nearly 22.2 thousand. The Buxton opera house is the venue for many festivals of the city. There have been number of miraculous story behind the St. Ann’s well Water.


The history of the Buxton started with the settlements of Aquae Arnemeatiae. On the excavation time, number of coins were found in the city that clearly showed the presence of Romans in Buxton. From various discoveries, it was confirmed that the rule of the Romans was the longest one. The weather condition, geographical location, geothermal spring, moderate temperature were the main reasons of Spa industry.


The height of Buxton from the sea level is the main reason of its cooler climatic condition as compared to other areas. Its temperature remains high throughout the year. The city’s day time temperature is 2 ° which is low as compare to Manchester. The city also faced a deadly storm in the late 19th century. It caused a great damage to the property and a number of deaths also had been occurred.

Arts and culture

The Great Military Commander George Talbot came with his family to bring this special water. The water of Buxton has special characteristics. The Famous Crescent was constructed in the late 17th century. The famous Devonshire dome was constructed in the city. During 1863, Joseph Paxton did a great work in the development of the railway. A few monuments, parks were also constructed under his supervision. They are rated among the best architects in the United Kingdom.

Festivals and Architecture

The month of July is totally devoted towards Buxton festival. This festival lasts long for 21 days. The rehearsal for the various performances started 1 month prior to the festival. This festival hosts various exemplary and beautiful performances. A week long music festival is also being organized in the city. Some glamour festivals such as Pop music, Rock music, Blues, folk are also celebrated here.  The Well Dressing festival of the city gets celebration in second week of July. This festival has a history of 177 years. The old hall hotel is the famous hotel of the city.

Economy and Education

The city’s economy is mixed since ages. The famous and most preferred economy is due to Mineral Water Bottling and Tourism. Majority of students choose Derby Campus for higher education. St. Thomas catholic school and Buxton Community School are giving their services to secondary level students.


The city has two stadiums. The highest and trickiest track of the United Kingdom is High Edge Raceway. Number of drifting events of the past organized in the Buxton Raceway. The city’s football club is Buxton F.C.

Public transport

The Whaley Bridge passes over the city railway station, gives fast access to railway station. The Manchester Piccadilly’s journey is 1 hr. from the Buxton. The city administration runs three railway stations in the city one under High Buxton administration and two under LNWR Buxton administration. The Midland railway station building was transformed into Spring Garden Shopping Centre.


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