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Burton Upon Trent


Burton Road, Branston, Burton Upon Trent DE14 3DP, United Kingdom

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About Burton Upon Trent

Burton upon Trent being close to the border with Derbyshire is located on the bank of river Trent. According to population census of 2011, the population was 72,300. The local people of the city are named as “Burtonian”. The beer industry of the city is famous in the United Kingdom. They prepare beer from the barley which is the main ingredient. The two deadly wars were fought on this land. The first war was fought between the Earl of Lancaster and Edward II in 1322 and Lancaster got defeated. In 1643, the second war which was First English Civil War was ended with the fortification of whole town by Royalists. It became a market town in the beginning of the modern period. The city also has railway station for rail mode commuters. 


Ryknild Street which is famous parish of today was once a long road that connects north and east part of the town. The previous records of Domesday book shows that it was controlling lands associated with Leicestershire particularly Appleby Magna and a few more. The lion’s share of revenue comes from monastery during 1530’s. There were frequent visits noted from royal dynasty     including Edward I, Henry II, and William I. King John granted a royal charter to hold market on every Thursday during the 12th century. The King Henry III and King Henry IV were the other two kings that renewed the charter. The Peel family role was commendable in the Industrial Revolution. In 2002, a large scale celebration was organized to celebrate the golden Jubliee and Queen Elizabeth participated in the event.


The town also acted as administrative center for the East Staffordshire Borough. Andrew Griffiths has been representing the MP seat since May 2010. It got the status of municipal borough in 1878 and county borough in 1901. At that time, there were 50,000 people living in the town. According to census of 1971, the strength of population was 50,201. The parishes such as Shobnall, Burton, Brizlincote, Branston and Anglesey were created in the town.

Geography and Demography

Burton is 109 miles from the capital city, London. The town height from the sea level is 50 m approximately. A huge quantity of salt is found in the water of the town. This water is very much beneficial for the Beer and Wine industry. As per the 2011 counting, the population of the town stands approximately 72,300.


The brewing industry got expansion for many years. The major revenue of the city comes from this industry. Molson Coors, Marston are the famous brands. The Burton Bride is the local company of the town that have hot cake brands such as Bridge Bitter, Stairway to heaven, Golden delicious and Damson Porter. The famous companies headquarters such Spirit Pub Company, and Punch Taverns. The major business companies provides a lot of opportunity to local people.             


The town geographical area covers both sides of the river. The famous Trent River provides water to the city. There are two routes for Cyclists who usually prepare for national level competition. Since time Immemorial, a small ferry has been operated in the town. The general aviation airfield is 4 miles far and to the west of the city.


The four different teams of the town participate and represents it in Football league. The Lichfield Cricket club, Burton Cricket club, Dunstall cricket clubs were the main clubs of the city. There is also the oldest rugby union i.e. Burton Rugby Football Club. The city’s weightlifting teams is internationally recognized.  All the national as well as international weightlifters get trained at Powerhouse Gym Club.


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